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Determine major strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats(SWOT) on the company Kroger. ( Grocery Store). These are internal to the company – what aspects give it a competitive edge? Which areas does the company need to improve in?

Remember that Strengths and Weaknesses are internal, while Opportunities and Threats are external.

State Weaknesses/Threats as external trends that your company is facing. How will you react to these outside forces?

Make sure you have thoroughly discussed these points in the paper. Many papers will list points on the SWOT table and neglect to mention them in the paper, or vice versa.


SWOT Maximum 3 pages including add charts & graphs to the appendixes. ( Tables in the body of the paper)

SWOT Table (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

SWOT Description


Paper Format

Follow regular research paper format. Use subheadings from the checklist and make sure the information in each paragraph is logically related to the topic at hand.

Remember to cite every source, every time! Any factual information that is not common knowledge needs a citation. Do not rely on the fact that you “just know” something is true!


Be consistent with your references. You may use any professionally accepted format (this is noted on your contract) as long as you use it consistently throughout the paper. I would highly recommend using the automatic “ReferencesCitations and Bibliography – Table of Contents” in MS Word (“Reference tools” for Macintosh computers). For web reference guidance for both MLA or APA format, you may look to: For library resources; please use the following links:… When using web sources, remember to reference the actual source of your data or information, not the search engine you used to get to the source. GOOGLE, for instance, is NOT a source, nor is They are the vehicles you used to find your source. Any web citations should include the full URL address as well as the date you received information from that URL address. Sources should also be CREDIBLE. For instance, Wikipedia should not be used as a source in your paper – it is not a credible source for information (this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it, you just need to go to the direct source to find the credible information)

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