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  1. Use the Venn diagram below to answer the following questions

Venn Diagram with three circles. II is contained in circles I and III. IV is contained in circles I and VII. VI is contained in circles III and IV. V is contained in circles I, II, and III. VIII is outside all of the circles.

  • What regions represent (A latex-a0e5ac751edf69f03d4b1637c3ac7b6c_5 B)latex-927347ef1808e9ff99f8cdf9d2760611_5 C?
  • What regions represent (Alatex-927347ef1808e9ff99f8cdf9d2760611_5 B) latex-a0e5ac751edf69f03d4b1637c3ac7b6c_5C

Find the cardinal number for each of the following sets.

  1. C = {x I x is letter in the word six}
  2. B = {x I x < 4 and x ≥ 12}

Determine the number of subsets and proper subsets for each of the following.

  1. {2,4,6,8,10,12}
  2. {x I x is a day of the week}


  • Show all your work so that the instructor clearly sees how you solved the problem.
  • Make sure your final answer is clear and visible.

use attached document to submit answer with.

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