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  • Answer each question (a, b,…) separately
  • You may use Snipping (in Accessories) or Lightshot ( tool to capture data from screen
  • Answer each question (a, b,…) separately
  • You may use Snipping (in Accessories) or Lightshot (https://app.prntstool to copy the diagram from the file, circle the domains for a &b and then paste your image back into the document.

Question #1

Use Wireshark to capture packets between your computer and a website of your choice. You can get Wireshark from

  1. Start Wireshark and startup a packet capture, visit a website of your liking, browse for a while and then stop the Wireshark capture.
  2. Filter from the Wireshark capture and show:

a) The DNS name resolution packets between your computer and the DNS server. Show the packet that is querying for name resolution and the response back from the DNS server. What transport layer protocol and port number is being used for this communication?

b) Only http packets between your computer and the website you visited

c) Pick any packet and show the source and destination IP addresses and TCP source and destination ports
Note: highlight the IP addresses and port numbers on the screen shot with yellow marker

Question # 2


Given the network design above:

  • a)Circle all the collison domains in Blue. How many collision domains are there?
  • b)Circle all the broadcast domains in Red. How many broadcast domains are there?
  • c)Based on what you know about Ethernet and CSMA/CD, assuming all the workstations and servers, are generating the same amount of traffic, printers generating less traffic; What portions of the network will experience the highest collisions? Which will experience the least?
  • d)What type of backbone does this LAN use?
  • e)If you were designing a new LAN, what pieces of the network drawn above would you change or replace? What equipment and wiring changes would you recommend?

Question # 3

You’re a network engineer working for Connect-Spree, Inc. Your manager has told you that the Accounting Department has requested additional security to protect the data its employees exchange among themselves. You suggest grouping all the Accounting Department workstations into their own VLAN. Describe how this would increase the security of the Accounting Dept. data. If the Accounting Dept. is put into a separate VLAN, how would they exchange data with the Engineering, HR and Customer Service Departments?

Question # 4

List and describe the three groups into which frame types are divided.

Question # 5

  1. In what part of the Ethernet frame is the destination MAC address stored?
  2. in a cut-through Switching, which frame field does the switch never read?
  3. What potential problem does Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) does address?

Question #6

  1. Why is packet switching more efficient than circuit switching? And why is it economical
  2. What does the T1 technology use Time Division Multiplexing technique for?
  3. The Science Museum needs Internet connection that’s capable of transmitting and receiving data at 12 Mbps at any time. Which of the following T-carrier (T1, T3, …) solutions would you advise them to purchase? About how much would it cost them for one year (in low to high range ) (installation fee + monthly fees)? Show some calculations.
  4. Which WAN Technology is sometime referred as one operating at 2.5 LAYER OF OSI MODEL

Question # 7

  1. What frequency band is used by 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n? which of these uses multiple frequencies?
  2. Which 802.11 transmission requirements may contribute to its inefficiency?
  3. You are setting up a WLAN for an insurance agency, The network includes 32 clients, three printers, two servers, and a DSL modem for Internet connectivity, what type of WLAN architecture would best suit this office?

Question # 8

Describe the use Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSM/CA) to a access a shared medium and how it differs from CSMA/CD?

Question # 9


  • The difference between physical and logical topologies.
  • Why it is important to understand logical topologies.

Question # 10

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