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write a 10- 12 sentence comment on this video.

The comment is: 1) accurate, 2) original, and 3) relevant. Provide us something new, and is well written. Ten point comments add substantial teaching presence to the course, and stimulate additional thought about the issue under discussion

– Do not copy or paste information for your comments or feedbacks.

also, respond to these two comments and provide feedback in a meaningful way.

1. Niubis Quintanilla

I think raising a successful kid can never be over parenting . Raising school age children can be both awesome and challenging . watching them grow and try new activities , encourage them to get good grades are usually some of the high points for most parents . However, achieving success can come with frustration and sometimes learning to accept ones weakness as building on strengths . although i have to disagree with some of the thing that Tom Weiser said . I don’t believe child development is influenced by religion .

2. Melana milo

As parents, we spend a lot of time worrying about how we can help our children to become successful in life. What grades are they getting at school, if they are spending their time correctly, what are they achieving for the colleges’ curriculum. That leads us to the tendency to become over-protectors and overbearing.

Parents believe that our children could not become successful without our help. We live in a world that is constantly demanding more and more of us, and we have pass the same ways to our children; even when we asked for more to our kids than our parents asked from us. It is true that we must be there for our children, to support them, to guide them, but we cannot take away the options of choosing or the obligations and duties. We must limit ourselves the necessity to be over-involved. Parents send the wrong message to our children that they can only be happy in life if they are the best in school, if win more trophies, if they have the highest GPA so they can become successful in the future life because they attended to a minimum group of college that are the best. We need to teach our children to be self-sufficient and to do this we need to give our children responsibilities, not take them away. We must teach them the correct foundation for their future and not to be co-dependent.

Study shows that happiness in life comes first from love ourselves and the rest of the world. Parents must teach their children to love themselves, to guide them, not to choose for them, to teach them that there are many more possibilities than just those that mark the high stands.

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