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Chapter 6 Review of a Test Selected-Response Multiple- Choice: 1. The stem of all questions is consisting of self-contained problem. 2. There is no negatively stated question. 3. The length of all alternatives is the same in all questions. 4. The correct answer is assigned randomly. 5. There isn’t use for “all-of-the-above” or “none-of-the-above”.

Selected-Response True-False 1. It seems to me that all questions are suitable for students in fifth grade. 2. There are no negative statements in all questions. 3. In question2, there are two concepts; one is true which is “the president lives in the White House” and the other one is false which is “located in California”. 4. The five questions are approximately equal which is 3 true, and 2 false. 5. The item lengths are similar.

Selected-Response Matching 1. The premises and response are homogenous. About “food”. 2. In this test, the premises are short and the responses are represented as pictures. 3. The test has equal premises and response, which is not appropriate. 4. The responses are in a numerical order. 5. The question is very clear “Draw a line from words to their pictures”. 6. The premises and the responses are in the same page.

My view about how much effort classroom teachers should devote to bias detection and bias elimination is that teachers should review every item in assessment from the perspective of whether there is anything present in the item that might offend or unfairly penalize any of their students. If they ever find such potential bias of any of their items, then they should plow them under. I think it is difficult to have an assessment that never has bias but we, as teachers should at least make some effort to reduce such bias and get rid of them as much as possible.

As a teacher, I would make sure that my assessment is free of bias as much as possible by making sure that my assessment doesn’t have any offensive bias toward anyone of my students and also doesn’t have unfair penalization for my students based on their race, gender, religion, and ethnicity. I will review my tests before I examine my students by asking for example my colleagues or teachers who have more experience to review my tests and also I will explain the content to my students and make sure that all of them well understand it. During the exam, I will clarify each item to be understood by all students. By doing that, I at least tried to avoid such bias that might occur in my assessments.


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