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Globalization is a reality facing all of us. In this Discussion, you will have the opportunity to explore the impact of globalization on the discipline of health care.

To prepare for this Discussion, select a global health problem you would like to explore. Then locate two programs (e.g., community, government) online that address the problem.

Note: You may find some useful information about global health problems in the Explore Global Health Topics section of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation site located at http://www.gatesfoundation.org/global-health/Pages/overview.aspx.

Post a 250-350 word comprehensive summary of the both programs and briefly answer the following questions:

  • Briefly describe the programs you chose and the health problem/s the program/s addresses.
  • How do the program’s goals align with the Millennium Health Goals?
  • Provide examples of how the problem manifests itself in the lives of individuals and/or the global community.
  • What are the programs’ approaches to addressing the problem?

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