Read the passage and answer 6 questions

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Read the passage I have attached carefully and answer these 6 questions.

1.What is a declaration? You may look this word up and paste the definition here, but you must put quotation marks around it and cite the URL in parentheses.

2.What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? Do not look this up on a website. You should be able to figure this out from reading the Declaration itself and tell me in your own words, using one to three sentences.

3.What is the most famous sentence in the Declaration? Copy and paste it here, with quotation marks around it. Then paraphrase it.

4.Look at the Burgan document, which contains a brief description of the Declaration of Independence. What is the purpose of the second part of the Declaration?

5.Look at the second part of the Declaration (which starts after the words, “To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world”). Find three of the complaints in the list. Copy and paste each one into this document. Put quotation marks around each one. After each one, provide your own paraphrase and as much explanation as you can.

6.EXTRA CREDIT: Connect three of the complaints from the second section of the Declaration of Independence to specific articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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