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You must have a good grade on a final sociology test to maintain the GPA that you need to keep your scholarship. The instructor will only give out a small percentage of “A” grades (5%) on this final. To help your concentration you purchase two Adderall pills (for $5 each) from a local contact despite not having a prescription. You use these during your study time and get an “A,” but your instructor discovers that your test score was drug-aided.

Should your A be turned to an F? b) Should you be put on academic probation? c) Compare and contrast your situation with the use of performance enhancers in sports. How is your situation similar and/or different from the distance runner who was discovered to have used EPO (blood doping drug) prior to a race he won at a track meet? Or how is your situation similar or different from a baseball player who uses Adderall to get through a grueling season? Focus your response on question “c” and draw upon at least one concept from this chapter to construct your answer (minimum of 400 words). You can either answer each response separately (answer to a then to b then to c) or in a connected essay–and be sure to include at least one concept from this chapter in your answer.


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