Research on Optimization of Inventory Management Based on Demand Forecasting…

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Research on Optimization of Inventory Management Based on Demand Forecasting Xi Jia, Sha Pingba Chongqing Business Vocational College, Chongqing, China Keywords: Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Quadratic Exponential Smoothing, ABC classification. Abstract: Demand forecasting is the basis of the inventory management. Aiming at the problem of subjective forecasting method, we use quadratic exponential smoothing method to establish the mathematical model, to forecast sales volume of product A in every month in 2013. And based on demand forecasting, we put forward ABC classification management method to solve the inventory management issues. The research result of this paper has important implications in improving the inventory management level for many enterprises. Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management Inventory management is an important part of enterprise management, and it directly affects the business situation of enterprises. A reasonable inventory can significantly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises; too much or too little inventory settings would have a bad impact on the business, and some company even bog down because of inventory problems companies bogged down because of inventory problems [1-2]. To do inventory management, what should we do in the first step. The answer is demand forecast. When busi

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Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 687-691 (2014) pp 4828-4831 Submitted: 25.09.2014 Online available since 2014/Nov/27 at Accepted: 27.09.2014 © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland doi:10.4028/ aB t Mnemegarntaone vIyn fztnoiaimoit pOn raeseohcR dname Dn odes rtgisacoenF a bginP JahS,i aXi ngi hCq,gninogh eCl,elo lCantoca oiVgssenqsi gunnoBhiC a .3m6co1 j@aaiix w:sredoKy tnreoyI,vn mtngeanaeM dn,gme aDrnstcaeic toiFrdaaQuE latneinopg x,nmtoiSoh CBA .notfissiaclcai :tacbrAst meDnd ao fcsteiarngis th esisba o fthe ntiornveymnantm. aegeA imingta thebloprm eo f tivecsbjue steiangorcfmthod, e ew usetiacdr quaxentli poneathingsmoo thod meto blstiash e the l atimcathemal, modeto st aceorflsas e volume oft oducpr Ain rveey month in 2013. nd Ad sebaon nd made, steiangorfcw eput d raworfC BAssilifatcion acntmeenamag thod meto solve the ntiornvey nt meenamagsi.ssue heT hcsere arrsulte ofthis prpe as haimnt taporimplitionsa cin iovimn prgthe ntsi.n ensntpre m m lmaareeorle f eveantorignveyy asocaneidntre Feg anDanmdn y Mage Itnnormvet nvntoreIymmenant eagis n antit maport rpa of isprernteeenamagmnt, enad it tlcediryaetfs fc the sbsusi nestiiton ua ofsi. sprerntee Asonaera ble ntiornveyn acsigni ntlaicfync nhaee the nsivehee omprcsts iompneteicve ofisprrnts;e eetoo h muc ortoo littl e inventoryss ttiengoulwd hva e adba t cimpaon th ebusss, inend asome nompacyenve bo gndow becua se ofinv ntoreybolprms e s nieompacd boggen dow useacbe of ntorinveyprmbslo e][. 21-o T dontoryinve nantmm, eagethaw do in tshehoulesd wtinsr f i asr dhep. Tessmwttaee. Waebn usorinend fclheass sc rs aaeeiheten ccar l, veleit ould wnd eesti, tcrmstet siacymdenad steiaorn. cfghT emor eur atceacthe ndmade csteiangorfis, themore u tceacra ntiornveynpl aningoulwd , bend amor evor blaefaof rsbuss ine si. sperrntee weFs niomepacer a bleato belomt pleceyin eoncc dacraitwh thed orreprtioducon, nd a thevsta ijtmoray…

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