Discuss quality in a specific service situation. BASIC DEFINITION OF QUALITY IN SERVICES:… 1 answer below »

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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss quality in a specific service situation. BASIC DEFINITION OF QUALITY IN SERVICES: Excellent quality = you would highly recommend this service Good quality = you would recommend this service Poor quality = you would not recommend using this service Very poor quality = you would recommend against using this service SERVICE SITUATIONS: Auto brake job American Express Card One-day training seminar Executive search firm Catered wedding City police department Financial planning Computer repair Rock concert Used car sales Theme park Travel agent Landscaping U.S. Postal Service Interior decorating Federal Express State auto license bureau Car wash Temporary office help agency Movie theater Airline Public utility (elec. or gas) Nursing care Defense attorney Trash pickup-city or private Dome stadium Dry cleaner U.S. Army combat unit Pre-school Accounting firm Pet grooming Gambling casino Bank checking account Hospital emergency room Barber/beauty shop Mexican restaurant Purchasing dept. in mfg. firm Security service Newspaper Information systems department Photo developing Student copy service ……or choose any other service not on the list. SPECIFIC SERVICE CHOSEN EXPLAIN ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS — “YES” OR “NO” IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. 1. Is there a physical product involved? Which is dominant, the product or the service? 2. How unique or how standardized is the product and/or service from the same company from one time to the next? 3. Give three specific examples of characteristics of the product and/or service that would determine how well the quality of the service is rated. 4. Is the customer involved in the production and delivery of the service? How? 5. What is an example of (a) a critical defect, (b) a major defect, and (c) a minor defect? 6. Give two or more examples of the cost(s) of a defect for the company? 7. After the service is delivered, is corrective action possible? Is restitution possible?



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