Spring 2016 English 101-F and 101-G Division and Classification Essay Division and Classification in

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Spring 2016 English 101-F and 101-G Division and Classification Essay

Division and Classification involves breaking up a larger concept into categories, then

defining these mutually exclusive categories based on their unique traits. Being able to

divide and classify complex ideas is a fundamental part of academic writing.

In writing your essay, address one of the following prompts with a consistent argument,

while using the Division and Classification Mode to help develop your ideas.

1. Technology has always shaped media content. Contemporary critics point out how

shows like House of Cards are designed to be binge-watched on streaming services.

Make an argument about how our viewing habits impact our ability to process “real-life”

narratives (e.g. political campaigns).

2. Make an argument about what obligation, if any, an artist has to include profanity in

his or her work in order to achieve verisimilitude. In addressing this topic, be sure to

consider the larger purpose of art, and whether art has to be realistic.

3. Make an argument about what influence, if any, evolving American dining habits may

have on non-restaurant and non-food industries.

Your essay must directly quote twice and paraphrase once from a required article, listed

below. Articles are available on Moodle.

– “Streaming TV Isn’t Just a New Way to Watch. It’s a New Genre.” from The New York


– “Americans Are Finally Eating Less” from The New York Times

– “Obscenity Case Files: United States v. One Book Called Ulysses” from the Comic Book

Legal Defense Fund

As always, your essay must be in correct MLA format and include a Works Cited page.

The essay is due on Moodle on Wednesday, March 9 by 11:59 PM. A rough draft due

date will be given in class by your instructor.

Be sure to consult the Essay 2 Self-Assessment Rubric and Turn-In Checklist (pg. 25-26

of Composition and Rhetoric Guide) as well as the Essay 2 Rubric (pg. 35-36 of CRG) as

you prepare your essay.


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