Create database and adoptee table Our client would like to start the project by having an…

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DB Assignment 2 – River’s Ark Overview Our client, River’s Ark animal Adoption Center, is having their 5th anniversary adopt-a-thon event and would like you to develop a database to track adoptions. One of the main goals of this database is to be able to track animals that are currently up for adoption and which animals have been adopted already.

In this assignment, you will create and manage a table and its data to hold animals that are up for adoption.

Instructions For all the below instructions, connect to your Google Cloud Computing MySQL instance with Workbench. All SQL written for this assignment should be done in one query editor and saved as “assignment2.sql” when you are done.

Create database and adoptee table Our client would like to start the project by having an initial table to hold animals that are up for adoption. First, create a database with the name rivers_ark. Then create a table named adoptees with the following information: id – surrogate primary key. pet_name – the name of the animal animal_type – the type of animal such as “Dog”, “Cat”, or “Llama”. birth_date – the approximate birth date of the animal. status – the animal’s adoption status … either “Available” or “Adopted”. status_date – the date that the animal was placed into their status.

The id should be unrelated to the data of the adoptee (surrogate id) and should be an integer. Use the most appropriate data type for all the other fields. All fields are required and should not be null. In addition, the animal’s name should be unique.

Insert adoptee data The image below contains all the animals currently up for adoption at River’s Ark. Create insert statements for each row shown and execute them.

Note that all the animals on the list are up for adoption, so the status will be “Available”. For the id, make up unique integer values (can start with 1). The status_date should be

populated with the “Available Since” column.

Update adoption status Bosco has just been adopted. Update Bosco in the adoptee table and change his status to “Adopted” and update the status date to today.

Alter the adoptee table Our client has just told us that they would like to have a description for each adoptee. Write an alter statement to add a description field. This field should be required (use the most appropriate data type). After you execute this statement, write an update statement to update the description of the adoptee named “Tippy Tap”. You may make up a short narrative.

Delete an adoptee Our client informed us there was an erroneous entry in the adoptees they gave us. They don’t handle gekos and will need to transfer him somewhere else.

Issue a delete statement to remove the pet named “Geico” from the database.

Submission Submit assignment2.sql (with all your queries in this assignment) via Blackboard.

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