Communication in the Workplace

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Complete Lesson

1. In 2008, Bob Nardelli delivered news that Chrysler would lay off one-fourth of its white-collar managers. Read his email- Damon Lavrinc, “Bob Nardelli to Employees: We’re Cutting 25% of Remaining White-Collar Jobs” (October 24, 2008) [Available at
://]. Explain five ways this message could be more effective. Use examples.

Research and Planning for Business Reports

2. Imagine you are designing a marketing research project. Your overall goals for the project are to identify best practices for green meetings from the perspective of vendors, compare marketing approaches, and evaluate the strategic and financial importance of offering green meetings. Do the following:

a. Write three research questions you could ask conference attendees that would help you understand what consumers think about green meetings.
b. Once you’ve determined what you want to learn about green meetings, write 3 specific and measurable research objectives for your project.
c. What primary research strategies would you use to collect data for each objective, and why?

Bad-news Messages

3. Assume the role of Nick and write an email to your uncle explaining why you think the company needs to get out of chemicals. You think the chemicals division could be sold for around half a million dollars. You currently have about $740,000 in debt related to the chemicals division. You would need to lay off ten employees, all of whom have been loyal to the company for many years. However, you think it’s necessary because the chemical division lost nearly $200,000 last year, and you expect things to get worse.

Crisis Communications and Public Relations Messages

4. Based on the Netflix announcement contained in Figure 11.17 , do the following: A. Write a detailed AIM planning document and devote at least five paragraphs to analyzing your audience, developing your ideas, and structuring your message. B. Rewrite the bad-news email in a more other-oriented way.

Discuss Responding to classmates Lesson

1. This should be addressed to Yvonne Huddleston

The goal to develop a more cohesive and unified representation of all the schools- Bethel Seminary, the College of Adult & Professional Studies, the Graduate School, and the College of Arts & Sciences(McInroy,S.,2013). The stakeholders are staff, faculty,Board of Trustees members, alumni, donors, ans students- about what the visual identity should reflect, one unanimously popular version emerged as the clear choice(McInroy,S. 2013).

The reason why the students are stakeholders are because that have a responsibility for reviewing all of the policies and procedures. The students must maintain a grade average in order to retain their scholarships,etc(bethelssuccess,2011). Students, faculty, and staff have important roles in the institutional effectiveness process. Students will have the chance to be active in assessment during their time while at Bethel(bethelsuccess, 2011).

2. This should be addressed to Rose Jones

Who are the stakeholders of Bethel University? First, let me give you the definition of stakeholders. “Stakeholders usually are investors in your company whose actions determine the outcome of your business decisions. Stakeholders do not have to be equity shareholders. They can be employees, who have a stake in your company’s success and incentive for your products to succeed” (Sun, 2017).

Bethel stakeholders are the students, faculty, community, and the government. I believe this is true because the students of Bethel invest time and money into the university to further their education. The teachers and other faculty members invest in the students and have a stake in their success their incentives is when the student succeeds. The government aids in the funding and determines the outcome of the Bethels’ decision making on the rules, regulations, and policies. The community and Bethel go hand and in hand by helping each other’s growth in society and social activities.

According to Miller stakeholders has three attributes (1) “power, which is the perceived ability of a stakeholder to influence organizational action; (2) Legitimacy, which is perception of the stakeholders’ actions as desirable, proper or appropriate; and (3) degree of urgency to which stakeholder claims are perceived to call for immediate attention” (Miller, McAdam, & McAdam, 2014), I believe this describes the stakeholders of Bethel University.

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