The genetic testing companies 23 and me and Veritas both offer do-it-yourself services to… 1 answer below »

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MARCH 5, 2020LECTURE BASED ASSIGNMENT(TAKE –HOME EXAM) BIOL3771/BIOL8004 | S1-2020TASK DUE DATE DONE WEIGHT1. Catherine Abbott Questions x 2 Week 3?202. and 3. Peter Anderson Questions x3 Week 5 and Semester break?304. Jason Smith Question x 1 Week 10?105. Robyn Meech Question x 1 Week 11 106. Ashley Connelly Questions Week 13 ?157. Ashley Connelly Questions 1st Exam week ?15Total Take Hm Exam Score 100%All requests for extensions to the assigned due dates must be lodged through the tool in FLO for consideration by the topic coordinator.This assignment will consist of SEVEN TASKS, due in Week 3 and 5, the semester break, Week 10,11, and 13 and the first week of exams. As a guide, the questions will be released the day the lecturer finishes covering the material assessed in lectures and workshops and the answers are required one to two weeks later at 5pm. The tasks add up to 100%. Each task must be submitted into a separate Assignment Box on FLO. Students are reminded that the tasks are replacing a closed book exam. Students are expected to work on each question on their own, and as such all answers will be submitted to TURNITIN when submitted to the task assignment box to check for any breaches in academic integrity.It is expected that you should spend between 15 mins and 2hrs at most on each question. Where written short-answer responses are required, you should aim to answer the question in between 150-400 words, not including references.Students should support their answers to questions where appropriate with references, this may be in the form of a scientific paper, a textbook, lectures notes, or a website. For further information on referencing, academic integrity and TURNItin It should be possible for the person marking your assignment to follow up or check the reference that you have used. In this topic we generally use the Harvard referencing style. As explained in the tutorials it is highly recommended that you use the program Endnote to help you with your referencing in this and other assessment in this topic.This assignment is worth 50% of assessment in BIOL3771 and 30% in BIOL8004. The table below explains how this assessment task fits with the learning outcomes in BIOL3771. The learning outcomes in BIOL8004 are similar but not exactly the same. This assessment task is also aligned with the following graduate qualities: Are knowledgeable, Can apply their knowledge, Communicate effectively, Can work independently, Value ethical behaviour, and Connect across boundaries and as such you should be demonstrating these qualities within both your approach and answers to the assignment tasks.On completion of this topic, students will be expected tobe able to: Assessment exercises relating toeach Learning OutcomeLO1: Develop further their understanding of the concepts ofmolecular biology: from the processes and regulation of DNAstructure, gene transcription and translation Lecture based AssignmentsLO2: Develop further their knowledge and understanding ofDNA and genomics techniques of the past, the presentincluding those used for DNA and genome sequencing and the newly emerging. This includes acquiring an appreciation forhow these techniques are used to diagnose and understand thepathology of human diseases, to develop new diseasetreatments and underpin approaches to personalised medicine Lecture based Assignments

LO3: Appreciate the role bioinformatics and informationtechnology have played in genomics research Lecture based AssignmentsLO9: Enhance their critical thinking skills in interpreting,summarizing and placing genomic and DNA based research incontext and presenting data and scientific ideas, in writing,using scientific language or plain English as appropriate Lecture based Assignments

MARCH 5, 2020TAKE HOME EXAM: TASK 1CATHY ABBOTT QUESTION/S | BIOL3771/BIOL8004 | S1-2020Task 1 questions will be worth 20% of the take home exam mark (TOTAL -100% or 10% out of 50 for the topic for BIOL3771 students and 6% for BIOL8004 students). Each question is marked out of 10. Please read the instructions about the take home exam before submitting your answers into the task 1 assignment box in FLO. Please Note:• Your answers to Task 1 are due Week 3 Monday 16th March at 10am.• Please check your answers in TURNITIN before final submission- make sure you submit your draft 24hrs before the due date so that you have time to address any issues identified.

1. The genetic testing companies 23 and me and Veritas both offer do-it-yourself services to the general public with saliva samples used as the DNA source. What is the difference between the genomic data that you get back from these two companies? Why is one more expensive than the other.

2. Clustal W is a bioinformatics program/tool that can be used to produce a multiple sequence alignment (MSA). What is a MSA? When visualizing/interpreting a MSA what does it mean if residue/s are conserved or not during the evolution of a gene? Is conservation at the DNA versus the amino acid level, interpreted differently?

Remember to reference your answers appropriately.Tips on answering short answer questions:

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