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Department of Civil Engineering
Group Project (Design of the new Kerr Hall)
1. As a course requirement, each student must participate in a group project. Each group will have approximately 8-10 students and email the instructor after a group is formed. The instructor will assign a group number.
2. Each group will submit a proposal to the instructor by email on Oct 13, 2015. The proposal will include the following items:
a. Title of the study project
b. A statement of objectives and scope.
c. Project summary
d. Work breakdown structure
e. Activity Descriptions.
f. A schedule with milestones and deliverables associated with each milestone.
g. Task Responsibility (e.g., library research, reading and assembly of raw material, report writing, interviews, etc.)
h. A list of references such as books, technical journal, and contacts if available.
3. A final report (word file by email and hardcopy) will be due at the last lecture (Dec 7, 2015) and will match the proposal.
Group Project Background
Sustainable building and site designs are transforming civil engineering industry significantly in the past decade. This project will give each group an opportunity to investigate how to incorporate sustainable development concept into civil engineering practice. The existing Kerr Hall includes a quad surrounded by three storey buildings. Underneath the green lawn is our gym. As Ryerson University is developing a new campus plan, Kerr Hall may provide a site for a brand new building or new buildings which can house many departments and serve our community.
Each group will come up a new site and building plan for the area currently occupied by the Kerr Hall. If you need the dimensions of the site, download the AutoCAD files of Kerr Hall from Brightspace or you can measure it yourself. Look around the surrounding buildings and think about a new Kerr Hall that can match the surrounding site characteristics. Make a sketch or an AutoCAD drawing of the site and the building(s) (output in pdf format and include it in the final report). Investigate the following items and focus on the following areas:
1. Building materials for the structure (e.g. concrete, steel, plastics, metal, etc.)
2. Comfort system (e.g. heating, cooling, humidity, etc.)
3. Lighting and interior materials
4. Water supply, sewerage, and waste management
5. Internal transportation (e.g. corridor, stair, elevator, escalator, road, parking, etc.)
6. Landscaping
7. Roof
The final report will detail the following items (about 20 pages of text double spaced, unlimited figures, tables, and illustrations):
• Background history and current uses
• New site and building plan
• Overview of the items which support the operation of the building(s) and sites.
• Areas of focus
• Conclusions and recommendations.
You are encouraged to visit the city’s web site for comprehensive information on the City of Toronto’s Green Development Standard (http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/contentonly?vgnextoid=f85552cc66061410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD). There are also a lot of web sites on sustainable buildings under the LEED and other similar green building standards.


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