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The nervous system controls all bodily functions by communicating with cells via neurons—the impulse-conducting cells of the system. While neurons are carriers of impulses within the nervous system, neuroglial cells are the ones that support neurons. Neurons that bring information to the central nervous system (CNS) (i.e., brain and spinal cord) are called sensory or afferent neurons and those that transmit impulse from the CNS are called motor or efferent neurons.

The overall learning objective for Week 8 in the laboratory course is to identify and describe the overall organization and function of the nervous system. To successfully complete this assignment, first read the following exercises from the Laboratory Manual: Exercise 15: Histology of Nervous Tissue, Exercise 19: The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves, and Exercise 20: The Autonomic Nervous System.

Student Discussion Assignment

  1. Briefly identify and describe the structure and function of a typical motor neuron.
  2. Briefly discuss the function(s) of axons, dendrites, and the role of Schwann cells in the formation of the myelin sheath.
  3. Briefly identify and describe the superficial and internal anatomy of the spinal cord.

Write your responses in a minimum of 250 words in APA format and include your references.


Marieb, E. N., Smith, L. A. (2016). Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual, Fetal Pig Version, 12th Edition. [South University]. Retrieved from…

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