Digital communication has been evolving rapidly over the past two decades. Systems have developed…

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Digital communication has been evolving rapidly over the past two decades. Systems have developed to achieve data rates from few kilobits per second in 1990’s to hundreds of megabits per seconds in 2015. This was supported by many technological advancements such as multicarrier communication (OFDM), multiple antenna techniques (MIMO), high spectral efficient modulation schemes and superior error-control coding. Despite all the technological innovations, the fundamentals of digital communication systems remain the same. Therefore, learning about basic operations of a telecommunication system would assist understanding more complex advanced systems. 2. Requirements This assignment shall address the following three areas: 1. In this section the students are required to carry out a literature review on a) Digital modulation schemes (at least three types) used in digital communications b) Various types of models (at least three types) used for wireless channels c) Discuss briefly all channel access methods used to share any type of medium among multiple users. 2. The basic functional block diagram of a telecommunication system is shown in Figure 1. Please note that this is a simplified model. Therefore, functions available in an actual system may differ from this. a) Implement the communication system in Figure 1 in Matlab using m code. b) Save your codes as .m file.


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