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its an (engineering chemistry)…

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Find the volume in ft3

of 1.0 mole of an ideal gas

at −25°C and 710 torr.


A mixture containing 13.5 g of oxygen and 60.4 g

of N2 exerts a pressure of 2.13 atm at 25°C. What is the volume of the container, and

what are the partial pressures of each gas?


Suppose that 270 mL of CO2 at 1.03 atm and 25°C

is produced by this reaction. Assuming that an excess of hydrochloric acid was pres-

ent, how many grams of sodium bicarbonate were used?


SO2 can be generated in the laboratory by heating

ZnS with O2. (The other product is zinc oxide.) If 14.5 L of oxygen at STP is reacted

with excess zinc sulfi de, what volume of SO2 at STP is generated?


HCl(g) reacts with ammonia gas, NH3(g), to form solid

ammonium chloride. If a sample of ammonia occupying

250 mL at 21°C and a pressure of 140 torr is allowed to

react with excess HCl, what mass of NH4Cl will form?


Hydrogen gas is generated when acids come into contact

with certain metals. When excess hydrochloric acid reacts

with 2.5 g of Zn (the metal product is Zn2+), what volume

of hydrogen gas is collected at a pressure of 0.93 atm and a

temperature of 22°C?

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