If you can help me with these problems it would be appreciated. Ch.5 1. Refer to the wage data set,

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If you can help me with these problems it would be appreciated.


1. Refer to the wage data set, which reports information on annual wages for a sample of 100 workers. Also included are variables relating to industry, years of education, and gender for each worker. Develop a table showing the industry of employment by gender. A worker is randomly selected; compute the probability the person selected is:


2.Female or in manufacturing.

3.Female given that the selected person is in manufacturing.

4.Female and in manufacturing

2. A case of 24 cans contains 1 can that is contaminated. Three cans are to be chosen randomly for testing.

a. How many different combinations of 3 cans could be selected?

b. What is the probability that the contaminated can is selected

for testing?

3.The state of Maryland has license plates with three numbers followed by three letters. How many different license plates are possible?

4.Reynolds Construction Company has agreed not to erect all “look-alike” homes in a new subdivision. Five exterior designs are offered to potential home buyers. The builder has standardized three interior plans that can be incorporated in any of the five exteriors. How many different ways can the exterior and interior plans be offered to potential home buyers?


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