Select and identify a disease in Ch. 10 that can be prevented orcontrolled by changes in lifestyle..

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Select and identify a disease in Ch. 10 that can be prevented orcontrolled by changes in lifestyle rather than by medications ortherapy. What lifestyle changes can individuals implement toprevent or control the disease? What factors would make thelifestyle changes difficult to accomplish? Propose strategies toovercome those factors. Finally, which would you choose—lifestylechange or prescription medication—if the choices were available fora condition you were diagnosed with? Explain your decision.

Prepare responses to Part A and Part B.
o   Part A: Post as patients. Select any digestivedisorder of your choice covered in Ch. 10. What would it be like ifyou were a patient suffering from the disease? What symptoms wouldyou be describing to your doctor during an office visit? Post youranswers as if you were a patient. Offer enough information fordoctors to narrow down your condition to one or two disorders, butbe vague enough to sound like a patient without a background inhealth care. The goal is to challenge your classmates withdiagnosing your digestive disorder. Identify yourself as a patientin the subject line of your post.
o   Part B: Reply as consultants. Put yourself in ahealth consultant’s shoes. Select any classmate’s patient post andoffer a disease diagnosis. Post the name of the digestive conditionyou believe your classmate is suffering from. How would youdescribe the impact of the disorder on normal digestive systemstructures and functions, as if you were.
 explaining the condition to a patient in an office? Whattreatments would you recommend to the patient? Identify yourself asa consultant in the subject line of your post. You may want tocheck your own initial patient post and let your classmates knowwhether or not they have diagnosed you correctly.

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