Build and sustain an innovative work environment – Research and developan innovation system The…

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Build and sustain an innovative work environment – Research and developan innovation system

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You must demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to design an innovation system for a small business.

Assessment description

Many business leaders can explain how quality is embedded in systems and processes. Despite its current ‘buzzword' status, however, too few can explain how ‘innovation' is integrated into business systems.In fact, when it comes to innovation, most businesses don't know where to start!

In this assessment task, you must research and design an innovation system that could be implemented in a range of small businesses. You will develop a research report and deliver a presentation to your fellow learners.

You will need to make sure that your innovation system is easy to explain, easy to understand and easy to implement.This is important because you will be implementing it in the next assessment task!


Part A: Research report

1. Research and develop a profile of a great innovator, include:
? a description of the innovation/innovator
? the type of innovation (product, process, marketing or organisational)
? how their innovation led to benefits for their organisation
? challenges and problems faced by the innovator
? an explanation of how they developed the innovation with specific reference toidea generation and idea evaluation.

2. Research and identify innovation system features under the following headings (dimensions of innovation):
? a managed innovation process
? strategic alignment
? industry foresight
? consumer/customer insight
? core technologies and competencies
? organisational readiness
? disciplined implementation.

3. Research the ways that organisational and team dynamics can effect workplace innovation systems. Explain:
? how different approaches to management and leadership can support or hinder innovation
? challenges and barriers to innovation within teams and organisations and ways of overcoming these.

4. Develop five to teninnovation principles, based on your research. Explain:
? why you chose these principles
? how you could apply and promote them in a business context.

5. Develop or outline at least two processes for idea generation and idea evaluation.

Part B: Presentation

1. Present the findings of your research report at a time designated by your assessor. Your presentation:
? should be of around 10 minutes in length
? must be delivered using presentation slides
? might include handouts, posters or other print-based aids.


You must:
– submit a research report that:

profiles a great innovator (business or person) that you admire

references at least three sources of information on innovation systems

identifies innovation system features under the ‘dimensions of innovation'

explains the ways that organisational and team dynamics can effect workplace innovation systems

identifies five to ten innovation principles and how they could be applied and promoted in a business context

identifies at least two processes for idea generation and idea evaluation

– deliver a presentation of around ten minutes in length outlining the outcomes of your research
– submit your presentation notes and slides, and any handouts you developed.

Your assessor will be looking for:
– use of a range of sources of information on innovation systems; such as websites, publications, articles, documentaries and interviews
– use of clear language appropriate to the audience to promote and share information
– presentation of ideas and concepts using structure and language to suit the audience
– use of digital technology and applications to access and filter data, extract, organise, integrate and share relevant information
– ability to explain concepts and theories of innovation and how these link to innovation in practice
– ability to link innovation activities and concepts to business values.

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