writing project for business communications

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1.You are the manager of a business and you are having problems with theft by your employees. Write a single page memo, font size 12 pt, single spaced lines and paragraphs to the employees that will be sent out on pay day. You decide what to say in this memo.

2.Create a 3 fold brochure for your business, advertising your products and services (Use the Tri-fold brochure template in Word). Include a coupon in the brochure that can be cut out. Include at least 2 exclusions in the brochure. Use Plain English where needed. You decide your products and services.

Brochure Example.docx

3. Depending on your type of business, write a 1 page formatted letter to an international business persuading them to purchase your products or services. Letter should be in font size of 11 pt and single spaced lines and paragraphs. It’s a persuasive document with a sales message.


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