Marketing Case Study COURSE TITLE: Principles of Marketing – MKT 101 PROJECT RATIONALE : The purpose

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Marketing Case Study


COURSE TITLE: Principles of Marketing – MKT 101


PROJECT RATIONALE: The purpose of this case study is for you to now take what you have learned in the chapters leading up until this point and breakdown the marketing approach, target market and public relations platform for a company of your choice.  I want you to demonstrate what they are already doing and then layout a plan on what new marketing plan you would roll out in 2015.  For full points be sure to include all the elements listed below for best results.  Be creative and get outside the box!



Textbook, Internet Access, Computer and Word Processing Skills


The following must be included in your paper:

Identify the following:

ü  Choose a company/business or organization to profile once again

o   Who is their target market

o   What kind of marketing are they doing now (SHOW ME) – this should be visual.

ü  Explain if this marketing approach is working for them.

ü  You are now going to build their 2015 Marketing Plan – be creative and tell me what you would do to promote this business or organization.  Be sure to include the following:

o   Budget

o   Any changes in the target market you will reach for

o   The new look – create a new look and slogan for them using some of their current marketing materials.

o   Show where you would place new media and marketing:

§  Examples: Radio, Billboards, TV, Social Media, Events, Promotions, etc…

·         Show me what it would look or sound like.  You can email videos if you want to get really creative.

BE VISUAL – this is a marketing class; I expect to see some imagery in the paper.  It shouldn’t take up a whole page but it can complement the content of the paper and paint a picture.




Project Points – 50pts

You will be evaluated on the following:

ü  Length of your paper and submission – 5 pages (this does NOT include the title page and works cited/source page) so your paper should be at least 7 pages total.  MAX PAGES 6 on the content pages (anything over this amount will result in points being taken off).

ü  You must use at least 3 sources

ü  Grammar & Spelling – Content & Readability

ü  Knowledge of the subject matter, how well you answer the questions above in the paper

ü  Format: 12pt Times New Roman font – Double Spaced, APA or MLA format.

Due Date: 10.24.14 – 5:00pm

Please Submit to the Dropbox

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