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HYPERLINK “” o “Assignment” Assignment Global Comparative Analysis of Health Care Resources and Access Due Date: Nov 20, 2016 23:59:59       Max Points: 80 Details: Explore the World Fact Book page of Central Intelligence Agency website at HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” . Select two countries from among those represented on the global map on the webpage. Hovering over the map with your computer’s mouse will highlight the countries represented, but you may also type the country’s name in the search box provided. Create a table that compares the following factors for the United States and the two countries selected (for a total of three countries represented on the table): Income and Economy (Economy tab): Population Below the poverty line (A measure of extreme poverty). Gross Domestic Product per capita (PPP). Programs, Funding, and Financing (People and Society tab): Total % GDP expenditures on health. Availability of funding assistance from other countries (Debt-external). Health care workforce and capacity to provide care (Physicians Density). Other Diseases, Conditions, and Risk Indicators: Spotlight on Diseases/Conditions (HIV/Aids Prevalence Rate; Obesity – adult prevalence rate; Children under the age of 5 years underweight). Population with sustainable access to improved water source (Drinking Water Source). Population with sustainable access to improved sanitation (Sanitation facility access). Based on the comparative table you developed, rank the countries according to access, cost, and sustainability. Which of the countries is the most sustainable and why? Which of the countries is least sustainable and why? Rationale must be provided with your responses. While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment,…


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