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Based on your current career goals, how will a graduate business degree from San Diego State University help you to achieve these goals. How will it bring a unique perspective why choosing the program at San Diego State University

In order to ensure your personal statement is well-written, you have to follow a basic structure. If you read our masters in accountancy personal statement sample, you will see it follows the same structure as other examples that you can find online. To help you with that, we have listed the basic structure we have used on our personal statement sample. Check them out before writing your personal statement:

  • First paragraph. Open your personal statement with a powerful sentence. On this paragraph you should also mention the masters in accountancy program you want to take part in, and what attracted you to it.
  • Second paragraph. Continue writing your personal experience by describing your knowledge of accountancy.
  • Third paragraph. Briefly mention any activities, work experiences, or personal projects related to the masters in accountancy.
  • Fourth paragraph. Illustrate your personal skills with stories and anecdotes that will help you support your argument. On this paragraph, the admission board will have to read that you are a suitable candidate for their course.
  • Fifth paragraph. Finish your personal statement by mentioning your academic and career goals.

Things to watch out for:

  • Ensure that there are no clichés in the writing
  • Avoid all use of acronyms, fancy words that no one understands and slang
  • Never use any form of humor
  • Should be concise and to the point
  • Should be written about you and no one else
  • Should not contain any exaggeration or lies

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