Question 1 Regardless of income, a return must be filed if the taxpayer: Is self-employed with net e

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Question 1
Regardless of income, a return must be filed if the taxpayer:
Is self-employed with net earnings of $400 or more
Owes any penalty taxes with respect to an IRA
Has liability for household employees
All of the above

Question 2
Which of the following expenses is not deductible from gross income?
Charitable contributions
One-half of self-employment tax
Alimony payments
Moving expenses

Question 3
Assuming spouses do not live apart for the entire year, joint filing is not a prerequisite to claiming:
Earned income credit
Net operating losses
Deduction for IRA contributions on behalf of a nonworking spouse
Dependent care credit
Question 4
A taxpayer seeking innocent spouse relief must do all of the following except:
Show that he/she did not know or have reason to know that there was an understatement of tax.
Prove that the understatement was substantial.
Meet one of three ways to obtain relief.
File for relief.
Which of the following is not a requirement in determining whether a taxpayer who is legally married can be considered unmarried for head of household filing-status purposes?
An individual’s spouse must not have lived in the home for the last six months of the tax year.
An individual must maintain a household that, for more than one-half the year, was the principal residence of the taxpayer’s dependent child.
An individual must file a separate return.
A taxpayer’s home must be, for the entire year, the main home of the dependent child, stepchild, or adopted child whom the taxpayer, or the noncustodial parent, can properly claim as a dependent.
Question 6
Malcolm and Glenda Jackson divorced on June 1, 2015. Their one minor child lived with Glenda all of 2015. Glenda worked all year to keep the home for herself and her minor child. The divorce decree awarded the exemption for the child to Malcolm. Glenda’s proper filing status is:
Head of household
Married filing separately
Married filing jointly
Question 7
John and Linda Smith, a childless married couple, lived apart for all of 2015. On December 31, 2015, they were legally separated under a decree of separate maintenance. Based on these facts, which of the following is the only filing status choice available to them for 2015?
Head of household
Married filing jointly
Married filing separately

Question 8
Debby and Marty are married and can claim an exemption in 2015 for $16,000. How many minor children must they have in 2015?

Question 9
In figuring the support test for a dependent who is a qualifying relative, which item is not taken into account?
Dental care
Entertainment costs
Life insurance premiums
Question 10
Three sisters contribute to the support of their elderly father as follows: Abigail, 5%; Betty, 30%; and Christine, 45%. Because they, in total, contribute more than half their father’s support, they can sign a multiple support obligation to assign one sister the right to claim the exemption for the father. Which statement is correct?
Only Christine, who contributed the most, can claim the exemption.
Only Betty or Christine can claim the exemption.
Any of the three sisters can claim the exemption.
None of the sisters can claim the exemption, because none contributed more than 50% of the father’s support.

Question 11
A qualifying child for purposes of a dependency exemption includes all of the following people except:
Taxpayer’s adopted child who is age 3
Taxpayer’s stepchild who is age 12
Taxpayer’s natural child who is age 15
Taxpayer’s natural child who is age 26 and not permanently disabled

Question 12
Under the definition of a qualifying child for a dependency exemption, which test differs from the tests applied for a dependent who is not a qualifying child?
Joint return test
Citizenship or residency test
Gross income test
Social Security number

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