Financial Planning (FIN302) Retirement Report 1. Choose 1 stock and 1 mutual fund to comprise your r

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Financial Planning (FIN302)


Retirement Report


1.         Choose 1 stock and 1 mutual fund to comprise your retirement portfolio.


2.         For each stock chosen, a comparison security (in the same industry or same mutual fund category) must be chosen (ie you select Microsoft as one of your stocks, you must choose a stock to compare Microsoft to such as Intuit. Comparing it to Ford would not be correct).


3 For each security chosen, you must use 5 reasons (BE VERY SPECIFIC AND DETAILED) why you selected one security over the other (i.e. Microsoft has no debt, a low p/e, good dividend, strong quick ratio and future growth potential and compare to Intuit (but with a lot more supporting detail)).


4.         Report must be no less than 5 pages in length (text only), using standard APA format.


5.         Graphs can be used to support details in the report, but do not count as actual pages (ie still need 5 pages of text along with graphs).






* Final Presentation; Create a retirement plan for you. You will put together a diversified portfolio, made up of stocks and mutual funds

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