Directions 1. Access the teaching segments on these sites: a. Learning to think: A foundation for an

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1. Access the teaching segments on these sites:

a. Learning to think: A foundation for analysis:

b. 2. While watching, note each example of explicit teaching of academic language and each example of modeling of academic language (implicit teaching).

3. Are there any missed opportunities in which the given teacher could have either modeled academic language or explicitly taught it? Please write those down.

4. Complete the attached academic language graph (optional)

5. Write your analysis

6. Extras to strengthen your work

a. Watch each teaching segment 2+ times

b. Watch and discuss the segment with a colleague

Assignment: Submit any two of the three options listed below for ONE teaching segment that you watched If you do this in a group of 2, submit one collaborative copy with all three options.

1. The graph for the learning segment observed

a. Type in the examples you depicted

b. Write in complete sentences or complete phrases (for Tier II and Tier III words, just write in the words—no explanation).

c. Every cell does not need to be filled.

d. A total of 30 items must be noted. Some cells may be empty, but some cells will have more than one example.

2. A triple-entry journal analysis of each teaching segment (for a model, see the comprehension assignment).

a. Include what you did not observe as well as what you did observe.

b. Typed. Margins and font: 1” on all sides; 11-12 point

c. Format this in a way that is visually appealing & easy to find the given information (we will discuss options in class)

d. Triple entry journal must include 3 categories. . .

i. Research (cite source; may use a class handout)

ii. Observation (of something from the teaching segment

iii. Reflection (Must be 100-150 words. Probably 4-6 sentences)

e. Triple entry journal must have FOUR entries (4 points of research; each point of research includes a corresponding observation and reflection)

f. Write in complete sentences or complete thoughts

g. Correct grammar and punctuation

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