race nation and violence in multicultural california

I will upload all the reading material and the requirement below. You can use bullet point to answer those question. Do not write it into a essay format. Please answer the prompt carefully.

creative management different national cultures have different approaches to creativity and innovation


  1. Different national cultures have different approaches to creativity and innovation. Using two countries of your choice, explain how these different approaches can affect the level of innovative output between your chosen two countries.

soci332 please dont take this assigment if you are not familar with the full detais


This week we talk about the uses of a crosstabulation (crosstabs) and the benefits of creating this “snapshot” of your data.

For this forum, provide a brief introduction to your study to remind your classmates what we are reading about here. Include:

1. Your overall research question
2. The research hypothesis and null hypothesis

Next, create a crosstab for your data and include it in the post. Be sure to explain your findings, including a description of the data, a calculation of the epsilons, and a discussion of the 10% rule. The epsilons in short are the differences between the highest and lowest column % in any given row. As long as one epsilon makes the 10% threshold, we’ll deem two variables have “enough” going on to with each other to warrant further statistical analysis.

Special note:

When a variable is continuous (interval/ratio level of measurement), for example, age of respondent, we do not run crosstabs directly b/c it will result in a really spread-out table with lot of 0s and low frequency cells. Such a crosstab does not help us understand the data.

The correct way is to reduce the level of measurement to either ordinal level or nominal level (group the numbers into categories) and then run the cross table. You do this by recoding (See Week 3 Optional Forum). In this way, your crosstabs will help us better understand data. Here is another example of recoding in a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzQ_522F2SM

cis 1051intro to python

I am gonna uplode a pdf file and you can just follow the requirments in the file. You will write 5 programs tatolly.

cohm3799 college of hospitality management intermediate internship ia 26379

Impact of Internship Experience & Next Steps/ Future Goals (500 – 750 words)

Now that you are nearly done with your internship, respond to the following prompts:

  1. Consider your entire internship experience and describe your overall successes, areas for improvement and things that you would do differently, providing specific examples to support your statements. Also, discuss how this internship experience has prepared you for future professional roles (manager, leader, etc.) in your chosen field.
  2. Next, reflect on your progress towards the goals you set at beginning of your internship and reviewed in Week 5. What progress have you made? Did you achieve your goals? Why or why not? What would you do differently? Provide illustrative examples to support statements.
  3. Discuss the impact the internship will have on your next steps and broader career goals. Be sure to address the following topics in your response:
  • Further education & work experience: How will your internship experience inform your remaining course selections – are there specific subject areas you intend to focus on? Why or why not? Has your internship prompted you to consider specific summer jobs, additional internships, pursuit of certifications, additional academic degrees, etc.? Explain your response using specific examples.
  • Career preparedness & your job search: What types of companies/ organizations will you be targeting in your initial job search and why? What kinds of entry-level positions will you be looking for and why? What specific skills and experiences do you think will be most beneficial to highlight for employers during a job search?


Important! Taking the time to do this will help make your finished assignment as strong as possible. Before beginning your work, review:

1. Your Journal Entries

3. R3 Rubric

4. Experiential Education Outcomes

-After reviewing the items listed above, draft your response in Word before uploading it into the assignment tab. This enables you to do a full spell check and minimizes the risk that your work is not saved properly. HINT: you can even do a word count in Word to ensure you meet the 500 to 750-word requirement!

-Submit your response by clicking the Reflection link above. Upload your Word document to the Assignment Submission section and attach your file.


1) Google docs and pages files are not compatible with uLearn and cannot be graded.

2) DO NOT use the “Written Submission” option for submitting assignment.

3) The recommended browser to submit your assignments is Firefox or Google Chrome.

4) Keep in mind that the finished assignment must be in the form of a traditional academic assignment – so be sure to use full sentences, paragraphs, appropriate language and formatting.

pre lab data sheet excel

Please can you do the pre lab for this lab is only creating data-sheet in excel for that lab

i attached a data-sheet sample and the lab and pre lab

science 110 video discussion no plagiarism

Hannu’s stories shows how our understanding of science (and the world) changed over time and the exponentially increasing complexities imposed in our lives. “To understand anything you must understand everything”

Hannu Rajaniemi is a mathematical physicist, science innovator and writer. Self-described as “the Geometric Dreamer”. In the belief that science and technology are amongst the most important factors driving societal change and that modern physics is full of beautiful ideas that resonate with stories he would like to tell, Rajaniemi is also a renowned author of science fiction and fantasy. His trilogy, the critically-acclaimed and award-winning debut novel, The Quantum Thief (2010), its sequel The Fractal Prince, and the recently completed The Causal Angel have won worldwide acclaim.

i have assignment about john updike

In MLA format, write at least five (complete) sentences in response to each of the following:

1. Describe Sammy. What is your reaction to his description of the girls and what he says about the customers?

(5 sentences)

2. What attitudes cause Mr. Lengel to be angry with the girls? Is his anger justified?

(5 sentences)

4. What do you think Sammy means when he says, “Now here comes the sad part of the story, at least my family says it’s sad but I don’t think so myself”?
(5 sentences)

5. Is the supermarket setting vital to the story? Could the story have been set in a car wash? In a fast-food restaurant? In a business office? Why or why not?

( 5 sentences)

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resreach paper 1

Each student will write a research paper with a policy focus examining a specific social justice-related topic. The paper is to be scholarly in nature (i.e., not a ‘reflection’ paper). Students must incorporate at least 8 scholarly journal articles into the paper. Direct quotations are not allowed; however, students will need to paraphrase material. Paraphrasing requires proper APA citations. Students are not permitted to reuse any course work from a previous or current course for the purposes of this paper.

The purpose of this paper is not to specifically test knowledge, but to force critical thinking about a social justice issue. This paper should be no more than about 2,000 words (not including the cover page and references); however, it is expected to be a 7 to 8 page paper.