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1. The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with recent professional literature about teams in the workplace. The key is to select an article from a professional publication that has depth and substance rather than a popular magazine or a brief news story.

Your written response should be no more than 4 pages, written in APA style with an appropriate reference and citation to the article.


Describe the major points of the article in your own words. Reduce the information to convey its meaning and the essence so others can easily understand it without reading the article. Do not react to or distort what the author is saying. Report the content accurately, concisely, and clearly.


Describe how the content of this article can be applied in a particular setting or situation. You are to take the information from the article and evaluate its implications for a setting you are familiar with. Be very precise and clear.

2. Watch the video located at

Review the information regarding the FIRO B, complete the survey and answer the following questions:

What are your scores for the survey?
What does your score tell you about yourself?
How will you use what you learned or relearned about yourself to improve your effectiveness in working with teams?

3. The purpose of your study is to determine the readiness and appropriateness of creating and sustaining self-directed work teams within Chicago Bulls Organization. You will use information about organization(Chicago Bulls) in which it operates.

Step 1

Using the class materials and textbooks, as well as the attached feasibility questions, identify key factors that contribute to organizational readiness for self-directed work teams.

Step 2

Conduct research and gather information about the team and the organization you are studying and its readiness for self-directed work teams.

Step 3

Using the class materials and textbooks identify the essential elements of self-directed work teams.

Step 4

Analyze the information, develop recommendations, prepare and present your findings.

Your presentation and materials should answer the following questions.

 What are the essential elements of a self-directed work team?

 To what degree is the work unit you studied already a self-directed work team? What elements are present and/or missing?

 What are the key factors that contribute to an organization’s readiness for self- directed work teams?

 Is the organization you studied ready for self-directed work teams?

 What specific steps could be taken to prepare this organization for self-directed work teams? Or, why is this organization a poor choice for implementing self- directed work teams?

 What specific steps could be taken to increase the capacity for self-direction in the unit you choose? Is increasing self-direction a good idea for this unit?

4. To explore your perception of what your role as a future member of a helping profession is, address the following questions. Your philosophy statement should be a summary of how you view yourself and your profession, rather than an attempt to match yourself with any of the various philosophical schools of thought.

Statement of Professional Health Education and Promotion Philosophy

Note: If you are NOT majoring in Health Studies, be sure to explain how community health education relates to your discipline/profession.

What is Health Education/Health Promotion, and what does it mean to be a professional in this field?

What are your goals for yourself and your profession?

What are your professional responsibilities to yourself, to your community, and to your profession?

How does community health education fit within these goals and responsibilities?

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