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For this assignment, you will compose annotated bibliography of 3 primary sources and 4 secondary sources that you plan to use in your final project. Format: 1” margins, 12-inch font, your name and date at top of the page. Include 3 sections: 1) Brief introductory paragraph of 3-4 sentences, that explains what your topic is and what your central research question will be. 2) Primary sources, cited properly, listed alphabetically, and annotated 3) Secondary sources, cited properly, listed alphabetically, and annotated For each source in 2) and 3), provide an annotation of at least 3-4 sentences to explain what information the source includes. Annotations should be in the Chicago style bibliography format. (If you have questions about Chicago format, see “HOW TO CITE SOURCES” under HANDOUTS on our CCLE page.) Be sure to also explain how that specific source will help you answer the research question that you included in 1. In 1) make sure to explain the basic who, what, where, when of your topic. Make sure you are being specific enough in both your topic and research question so that it will be a doable project. As discussed in the proposal stage, being specific means narrowing vast topics in some ways. For instance, if you’re interested in histories of reproductive justice or LGBTQ activism, focus on one of those issues in a specific time period and specific place, home in on a specific debate, or explore a key person and/or event. The goal is for you to really sink your teeth into your topics. I will be looking to see that your research question/topic is clearly defined and specific enough, and that the sources you have chosen look like they will help answer your research question. FINDING PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SOURCES PRIMARY SOURCES can include published government documents (statistics, legislative debates and reports, pamphlets, appellate court cases); private organizational records (published or archival); transcripts of court cases (harder to locate); oral histories; family and personal papers (published or unpublished letters and diaries) and memoires; scholarly and popular books; newspapers, popular magazines, fiction and film; social science reports (including data); photographs and posters; or material culture. Browse through several types of sources, and think about a few kinds of documents that are locally available and extensive enough to allow you to draw historical conclusions from their study. I encourage you to consider using primary sources available at UCLA and in L.A., such as the or manuscripts in Special Collections that I have compiled under “UCLA FEMINIST ARCHIVES.” See also the detailed list of primary source databases listed in the “ONLINE DATABASES OF PRIMARY SOURCES” handouts. 2 SECONDARY SOURCES are scholarly articles or books that deal with your topics. They do not need to be historical; they can be sociological, political science, African American Studies, Women’s Studies. They can include documentaries but you can only include one documentary of your four sources. (Explore the database Kanopy available through UCLA to explore documentaries.) To find scholarly articles, go to “Databases” in the UCLA Library website, and explore JSTOR GenderWatch ProQuest Dissertations and theses America: History & Life Latino American Experience PAO (Periodicals Archive Online) Periodicals Index Online WorldCat OCLC First Search Nexis Uni (Full-text contemporary news) Explore Other Online Databases: History of Sexuality (world history) bibliography History of Rape bibliography (international and U.S.):… Book Review Digest… Google Books Google Scholar

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