growth expressed

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This is how the paper should answered I copied a portion of the LASA assignment and I have inserted, in the highlighted color, a breakdown of some of the steps in this assignment. I hope this will help clarify what you need to do for this assignment.


  1. Calculate what the future size of the population will be, given a specific initial population, rate of growth, and time interval.

Use the exponential equation: Future value = Present value * exp(rt)

    • exp is the base “e”
    • r = annual rate of growth expressed as a percent
    • t = years

For example: Bald Eagle is my choice and its population is about 70,000

Choose a positive annual percent growth rate. Example: 1%

I am going to calculate the future size of the population for 10 years. (t=10)

Future Value = 70,000 x e(.01×10)

= 70,000 x e(.1)

= 70,000 x 1.105171

= 77,361.97

  1. Repeat the calculation for at least two other values of t; make sure they are at least two years apart from one another. Use the same values you input into the spreadsheet and compare the answers you obtain to those that appear in the spreadsheet.

When t = 20 Future Value = 70,000 x e(.01×20)

70,000 x 1.221402

= 85,498.14

When t=30 Future Value = 70,000 x e(.01×30)

70,000 x 1.349859

= 94,490.13

  1. Repeat the calculations using two more selections of population growth rate; ensure that each population growth rate is at least two percent different than the others. Use the same values you input into the spreadsheet and compare the answers you obtain to those that appear in the spreadsheet.

You will use the other two growth rates that you used in the spreadsheet and the same values for t that you used in the calculations in Questions #2 to perform these calculations. That means you will have a total of 6 more calculations, three for each growth rate. You should have a total of 9 calculations in your report.

You supposed to choose a specific group of people, animal, or organism and research to find its population. You were supposed to choose growth rates that were at least two percent apart. There should be only one scatterplot and not three for the assignment.

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