essay 90

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Answer each of the questions in an essay of 200 – 500 words




Respond to other replies with comments of 100 – 200 words





For this discussion, make sure you have viewed the film, “Chinese Banquet Craziness” and have read from Chapter VIII in the textbook, Chinese Business Etiquette written by Scott Seligman.

Consider the advice from both the film and from the chapter regarding what to expect when attending a business banquet in China.

Then answer the following questions:

  • Why do Chinese businesses so often entertain guests at banquets?
  • Consider the procedure for banquets:
    • Where would you expect a banquet to take place?
    • How should you arrive at the banquet?
    • What would you expect to experience before the banquet begins?
    • How will you know to start eating?
    • Describe the place setting.
    • Should you ask for a fork?
  • What is the point of hosting a banquet for the Chinese business? What will they hope to accomplish?
  • Consider the procedure after the meal:
    • What types of drinks will be present?
    • What will be the procedure for toasting guests?
    • What steps could you take to generate better “face” for your company?
  • What are the don’ts for attending a banquet in China?
    • Eating customs
    • Drinking customs
    • Seating
    • Paying the bill
  • What do you think about the banquets and their customs?

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