pick one question then answer 1 full page

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pick one question then answer ( 1 FULL PAGE)at least 2 references.

  1. What is participative leadership? Give some examples are participative leadership.
  2. What are some advantages of participative leadership?
  3. Explain the role of followership in the leadership process.
  4. Describe five followership styles.
  5. Explain the delegation process and describe its three major components.
  6. Describe the three everyday ethics from the Community and Leadership Development Center at Indiana University.
  7. Describe the general supervision style.
  8. Discuss the three components supervisors can use when effectively delegating (page 182).
  9. What is meant by defining limitations in the delegation process?
  10. Explain the bureaucratic style of supervision.
  11. What are the benefits of delegation?
  12. What is a directive and what is the directive approach to supervisory leadership?
  13. Discuss some rules for good followership.
  14. Describe the form and function of the different types of work groups.
  15. Why do work groups form?
  16. What is groupthink? Give some examples of groupthink.
  17. Describe some classifications of work groups and give some examples.
  18. What is a command group? Give some examples of command groups.
  19. What is a task or cross-functional group? Why are these groups important to organizational success?
  20. What is a friendship group? Are these groups important to organizations? Explain.
  21. What are the principles of effective work teams, as described by Katzenbach and Smith?
  22. Describe the reasons why the Eastman Chemical Company moved to a team management approach.
  23. Explain shared cognition in an effective team?
  24. Describe the advantages of a collaborative workplace.
  25. What is the synergistic effect and how does it work?
  26. What is a virtual team and give some examples.
  27. Describe the five stages in the group development process.

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