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Respond to Troy:

When it comes to my particular research topic using quantitative research method is necessary because of the empirical data needed to support stopping domestic terrorism. As early as the 1940’s and 1950’s the quantitative paradigm was at the fore front in the social science community, theorist utilized empirical fact gathering and hypothesis testing almost exclusively in studying social phenomena’s (Newman, 1998). And make no mistake the existence of Domestic terrorism is a social phenomena. My design for my research project entails four parts of information gathering to look at the growing issue of Domestic terrorism in the U.S.

The first place that I would look to pull data from is the federal law enforcement data base going back the last 100 years if possible. The reason for this is to look at all the groups throughout the history of the United States that have issues with the federal government that have caused harm to the public. Having this data I would be able to look at the data and see how social economic issues have helped drive these groups or individuals throughout the years.

The seconded step in my research process would be to conduct surveys with inmates associated with these groups. The purpose of these surveys would be to see what drove these individuals to join their particular group, and why they committed the crimes they did. Trying to figure out what drove them commit acts of violence is highly important to stopping domestic terrorism. Is it the government or the individuals who believe they are mistreated by the government is some way. Knowing what is the root cause for the actions is in invaluable.

The third step in my research gathering would be to conduct surveys with the men and women of law enforcement at all levels in order to gather their experience on combating this issue. Each level of law enforcement has a different mission concerning this issue and all of them have different ways of combating this issue. The survey would included asking about certain procedures when the suspect terrorism. Different issues they run into when the suspect terrorism and how they are supposed to combat it legally and what kind a procedures they have to follow in order to make sure they dot violate the citizens rights when they are investigating. By doing this we might be able to stream line the process of investigating these groups or individuals at all level and possible stop an attack before it happens.

The final step in the data gathering would be to compare the statics here in the United states with Countries that have government like ours as well as countries that have socialist regimes. By doing this we can look to see if there is a direct correlation to the number of attacks based on how much control a particular government has over its citizens.

By doing this I believe that the study would have validity and reliability, because it looks at the historical data as well as first hand accounts of how groups or individuals that commit acts of terror are investigated in this country.


Newman, I., Benz, C. R., & Ridenour, C. S. (1998). Qualitative-quantitative research methodology: Exploring the interactive continuum. SIU Press


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