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This week we’ll be looking at religion and the state. Using the primary source documents in chapters 14 and 16, I want you to think about the role of religion in different early modern states. How did leaders deal with religions other than their own in their empires? What was the effect among their subjects (as in, did new traditions arise, was there a reaction against imperial policy, etc.)? Why/how did this differ in different areas?

Be careful about chronology here. The information on the Mughal, Ottoman and Chinese empires in your textbook are pretty straight forward, but I’ve uploaded a PowerPoint with links to a few web pages to give you help on the Reformation in Europe, which is a rather complicated topic. I have also provided links (required – remember that the links replace in-class lectures) to brief internet articles on the Mughal and Ottoman empires.



Also, here’s a breakdown of the assigned documents by region to help you out:

Document 14.2-5
Documents 16.1, 16.4-5

French State Building and Louis XIV (1670/80)
Martin Luther: Table Talk (Early 16th century)

Islamic World (Ottoman and Mughal Empires):
Jahangir – Memoirs (1605-27)
An Outsider’s View of Suleiman I (mid-16th century)
The Poetry of Kahbir (Late 15th century) (India – Sikhism)
Wahhab: History and Doctrine of the Wahhabis (1807)


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