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for this assignment you will provide a 150 word response to the following:

The Book “Blindspot: Hidden biases of good people” talks about the errors that mind makes do to the blind spots. The first part of the book will show you someexample of the picture that is 2D on a paper. One of the pictures that has two table that exact same size but at the different angle. At the first time that you look at the table, some people will say that table are different sizes. The same is the words that they had people to read then try to remember it later on. I forgot or add to the lists weren’t there originally. It shows you how are mind try to change it to something that’s is familiar, remembered, perceive, or habits thatmay give us false information. Due to any number of these reasons may make a good person biases toward a race, subject, location, or etc…

Here is my first set of test. Test A time was 48:23 with 6 errors and the test B I got no errors with a time of 39:36.

I found that the first test A was due to my habits that I got confused.

Here is my second set of test time. Test A was 41:18 with 3 that were wrong. Test B had 2 wrong with a time of 42:54.

For the second set of test. I found them to be easy.

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