romeo and juliet 9

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I want in this assignment one page and one source with reference.

My class in Hospitality law the prof gives us extra credit. The assignment is about Romeo and Juliet. So is Romeo was in Love with Juliet they are dating and they are over 18. Then they are plan to get marriage they was 20 years old. Romeo bought a ring to Juliet, after that before getting marriage Juliet went party, Romeo friend saw her with other guy to talking and flirting. The Romeo friend was thinking to tell her or tell Romeo. The he decide to tell Romeo, he told Romeo about it. Romeo get mad told her about it, she told him he was a guy I has relationship with him it was long time before us. Then Romeo decide I want the ring back she said no. So the main point it`s was ring gift or contract?

I want to write base on law its like this way:



R : 1-offer : agreement

2- acceptance

3: consideration

4: capacity

5: Legality

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