powerpoint presentation regarding a hazardous materials

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Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation

For this assignment, you have been tasked with presenting information to your company’s board regarding a hazardous

materials incident involving the transport of toxic substances that falls under the hazard classifications that we have studied

so far (water/air reactive, corrosive, or toxic) identified on the following Web page(s):


Your presentation must include the following information:

summary of the incident;

identification of the information (hazard class, description, labels, markings, and placards) that the DOT requires when

transporting toxic substances and information about workplace exposure concentrations of the substance involved in the


description of the elements of the emergency response to the incident including a discussion on its environmental and

BOS 3640, Interactions of Hazardous Materials 2

human health impacts (be sure to address how the toxic substance’s chemical properties, uses, and ill effects may

affect the tasks and safety of an EHS and FS professional working the incident);

Discussion of your opinion on the response to the incident

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of at least 5 slides (not including your title slide

and reference slide) containing the information described above. All sources used, including the textbook, must be

referenced. You must include at least two sources. Paraphrased and/or quoted materials must have accompanying

citations in APA format.


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