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The adoption of the Constitution by the new federal government of the United States proved a paradox for those under the yoke of slavery. Many slaves had fought for the colonies during the American Revolution and deservedly longed for the freedom that they could see all around them as the eighteenth century drew to a close. Although an early antislavery movement had grown through such groups as the Quakers during the years of the war, the negotiations surrounding the Constitutional Convention of 1787 made it clear that the American opinion on slavery was closely linked to that of the now-vanquished British and seen largely as a necessary and natural condition for the African race.

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Watch the film “Africans in America-Revolution” and respond to the question in the discussion forum. Copy and paste to your web browser if the link is broken.

Based on the film Africans in America Revolution, how did George Washington, the first president of the United States, become a wealthy slave owner? How much did he spend on clothing his slaves? How did the American Revolution impact slavery? Your response must be 150 words minimum.

Discuss the role of Black soldiers in the American Revolution. Place your response in the discussion forum. You must cite page numbers from your textbook to receive credit

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