goal setting framework

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Goal-Setting Framework

The first of six steps of performance management consists of goal setting, as detailed in Chapter Three. Assume that you work for the Los Angeles Tribune, a large but struggling newspaper publisher with distribution throughout the Los Angeles region. Various problems have arisen that need to be addressed:

  • The cost of paper is rising
  • The cost of distribution is rising
  • Circulation revenue is down
  • Advertising revenue is down, largely due to free online listings offered by Craigslist and other online advertising services
  • Customers are largely in the 40+ age range
  • The current number of employees cannot continue to be supported if revenue continues to shrink

You have been selected by the CEO to construct a goal-setting framework that focuses on three of the six issues above. In your APA formatted two- -page paper, include a goal statement for each of the three issues you’ve chosen and describe the corresponding strategies, tactics, activities, measures of success, and goal measurements you recommend. Support each with your rationale, citing the textbook as necessary, and be sure to provide specific examples within the activities section. In addition to your two to three pages of written content, a title page and reference page are required.  

For this assignment, it is possible to make reasonable assumptions regarding the organization’s economic situation and business climate. Be sure to specifically mention any such assumptions that you are making within your paper.


 Chapter 3

Goal-Setting Principles, Recommendations, and Framework In this section, we provide a set of principles and recommendations to help leaders and managers think more clearly about how to set effective goals in general. We then suggest a framework that leaders can introduce in their organizations that will provide a common language for the discussion of goals—how to set, monitor, and measure them. Following are some of the key principles for goal setting in the leader’s one-on-one role. Also see the boxed feature Consider Measuring Goal Commitment for ways to increase a direct report’s commitment to a goal. • Setting specific goals is more effective than simply trying to “do your best.” • Goal setting influences the motivation to discover ways to attain the goal. • Difficult, challenging goals lead to higher levels of performance. • Specific goals focus attention and lead to greater levels of motivation and effort. • Personal traits and incentives can influence the setting of and commitment to dif- ficult or challenging goals. • Specific goals help to persist in performance when needing to overcome obstacles. • Set learning or development goals rather than performance goals when the indi- vidual does not have the skill to achieve a difficult performance goal. (Locke and Latham, 1990, 2002).



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