topic: E- Supply Chain Management * no hand writing *answer under all question this important * ?The

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topic: E- Supply Chain Management
* no hand writing
*answer under all question this important
* ​The answer must be unique not copied “plagiarized” and please make it short..
*you have choice any company and fill the blanks in the question

To assess your understanding regarding the use of tools as well as digital marketing techniques for an organization of your choice.
Action Items
1 Explain the role of cloud computing, traceability, RFID and other ERP solutions.
2 Discuss the industry response towards the use of ICT and various tools discussed above.
3 To apply critical thinking by the students.
4 Evaluate the effectiveness of E-Procurement and E-Auction.
5 Also analyze your business and process as per below points:  
Here students are advised to discuss at least 2 points mentioned from both the categories (Usability Modeling of ICT and other resources (UM) and Web-enabled Supply Chains (WEB) or as per the requirements.  

Usability Modeling of ICT and other resources (UM)
a. Finding the optimal solution
b. Cost and Schedule Analysis
c. Recommending and Implementing the resources

Web-enabled Supply Chains (WEB)
a. A Web-enabled Procurement System
b. A Web-enabled order tracking system
c. Warehouse Management System
d. Customer Relationship Management
1. Each students will have one Project.
2. Each question should be highlighted separately and mark those question in BOLD, Else marks would be deducted.
3. Project will be based on the implementation of the e-supply chain and logistics in real world.
4. Project will require summarizing, demonstrating, and the use and potential values of Cloud Computing, ERP and others ICT for an organization.
5. The word count for this assignment must be between 1200 – 1500 words.
6. The Due date for the this assignment is Week-13. 7. Students should submit the combined assignment in a hard copy to their instructors. 8. Also follow the instructions given by your instructors.

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