case study 5 the intermountain way to positively impact costs and quality

In some of the modules throughout this course, you will be assigned a case study. These case studies represent real-world problems you could possibly face. These cases are designed to build on the material we have covered during the module. Read each case study carefully before beginning your work. Your response must be well thought-out and complete in content when submitted.

For this module, you are to:

  1. Read Case 5, “The Intermountain Way to Positively Impact Costs and Quality.”
  2. Respond to Assignment Questions 1, 2, and one additional question from those found at the end of the case. (Each answer should be at least 1 page, approximately 2/3 pages in length). Include information from the module reading (Chapter 5 & 6 – see attachment)

Note: This case shows the effect of consistent clinical leadership over time when influenced by industrial leaders in continuous quality improvement.

Chapter 5 Summary

This chapter focuses on the role of implementation science in the CQI process. Chapter Three delved into the actual data collection and analysis, but measurement is meaningless without determining if a process resulted in the desired or optimal outcomes. Be able to define quality and list desired outcomes from various stakeholder perspectives.

Chapter 6 Summary

This chapter emphasizes the role of teams in CQI. Pay particular attention to the section on “Understanding and Improving the Performance of Quality Improvement Teams,” which highlights team tasks, characteristics, relationships/status, norms, and stages of development..

McLaughlin, C. P.
Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care. [Chegg]. Retrieved from

answer the quastion below without pilgrisms

In 300-500 words using Words format and APA style and in your own words answer the following questions

What do you understand by First listed, unconfirmed and additional diagnosis? Explain with examples justifying the differences.

event from the media

Complete a 4 page (1200 word minimum) essay

Select a recent event from the media and compare similarities and differences in the communication that was directed towards print media, electronic media, employee relations, government relations, consumer relations, and international relations where applicable. You must include at least two different types of media in your analysis.

Psychology Research Paper

Schedules of Reinforcement Paper


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper discussing the five different schedules of reinforcement.  Include the following:


Describe the five schedules of reinforcement.   (Continuous reinforcement and the four main types of intermittent reinforcement)


Apply each schedule to a specific scenario.

Describe the behavior patterns that result from the various schedules from both the experimental literature and human application.



Include at least 2-4 sources.



Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

heath care leadership

read the case and answer the questions regarding to the two chapters.

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In this assignment, you will prepare an in-depth comparative analysis research paper between two…

In this assignment, you will prepare an in-depth comparative analysis research paper between two different firms operating in two different countries but which have similar challenges. This analysis will provide an opportunity for you to compare and contrast and critically assess the impact on management decision making based on the differences in political, social, ethical, and legal environments. Specifically, your paper should:•Identify two firms with similar problems but from different countries•Conduct a comparative analysis of the firms•Analyze political, social, ethical, and legal differences facing both organizations and determine the impact these differences have on management decision making•Provide substantive conclusion and recommendations•Support your analysis with academic citations and aligned referencesPresent your findings as a Word document of 3–5 pages formatted in APA style.

what are 3 most important symbols book witch blackbird pond

what are the 3 most important symbols in the book Witch of Blackbird Pond?

Dunne and Cook signed a contract requiring Cook to rebind 500 of Dunne’s books at $0.80 per book….

Dunne and Cook signed a contract requiring Cook to rebind 500 of Dunne’s books at $0.80 per book. Later, Dunne requested, in good faith, that the price be reduced to $.70 per book. Cook agreed orally to reduce the price to $.70. Under the circumstances, the oral agreement is Enforceable, but proof of it is inadmissible into evidence. Enforceable, and proof of it is admissible into evidence. Unenforceable, because Dunne failed to give consideration, but proof of it is otherwise admissible into evidence. Unenforceable, due to the statute of frauds, and proof of it is inadmissible into evidence.

One page writing assignment. 12 font, double spaced. 1 inch margins. No title line, just your name a

One page writing assignment. 12 font, double spaced. 1 inch margins. No title line, just your name at the top.


Option 1.


There are many policies the government can implement that can affect the cost of doing business in the United States. These policies are called supply side policies.


Provide an example of how the government uses tax breaks or subsidies to attract business to their state. How much did the deal cost the state? How many jobs were added? Was it worth it to the tax payers in the state?


Option 2

One of the main questions in economics is whether or not the government should be involved with the macro economy. Do you think the government should be the employer of last resort? In other words, if a person cannot find a job should the government employ him/her. If yes, who would pay the employee’s salary? If no, how will these people find jobs and aren’t they going to be supported by the government anyway.



Option 3

How does the concept of free trade impact the aggregate supply curve? Is it in the United States best interest to promote free trade? How does free trade impact prices and output?

Pros and cons should be addressed.

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es discuss 5

In Discussion Forum 5, post a well-reasoned and thoughtful response to the following discussion question, making reference, as appropriate, to the videos. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the course Calendar.

  • What do you think have been the human influences on the hydrologic cycle over the past century? What measures might be taken to reverse these problems?