communi- 2 assignment

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pplying the Communication Process

This assignment serves as a bridge between the early chapters of our course (what communication is,

why we should study it, how it influences who we are and how we interact in arious contexts etc.) and the latter

chapters which focus on formal presentations.


This past Spring, President Obama delivered the State of the Union address;  this assignment will analyze this

presentation in detail using the criteria below. 


1.  Watch the 2014 State of the Union address– a link to the both the video and the text/transcript appear as a link to this assignment (as always–right click and open in another window/tab)  If this does not work, then just google “2014 State of the Union Address”.


2.  Reread Chapter 1 of our text; this section highlights the transactional Communication Model.

3.  Analyze Obama’s speech using/identifying each part of the Communication Model.  For example, one of the

elements of the communication process/model is context/occasion.  So, when analyzing this you might write/comment that this

is an annual event delivered in a formal location–face-to-face with both houses of Congress, and through media  to the country and

even the world.  The speech always takes place at the beginning of the year and the content (give an example here) includes a summary

of what has happened over the past year and goals for the future.  Included in this aspect of “context or occasion” is the time of day the

speech is delivered, where it is delivered, the day it is delivered–for example, the State of the Union speech is traditionally delivered

prime time TV viewing in the evening hours…comment on why this is and how this aspect of the occation/context influences the

speaker/listener(s)….Our goal is a thorough and detailed examination of the interplay of the elements in the communication process and a

public message (be sure to comment on who the intended receiver…).


4.  Post your analysis to this assignment area; you may attach a document or type right into the assignment box.


assignment 2


Using the communication process as an organizing framework for our class, we have discussed “self” as communicator and listening.  This week we will be emphasizing the message —both verbal and nonverbal.  Nonverbal messages include all elements that are not linguistic/language based.  The field of communication refers to different types of nonverbal messages as “codes,” for example:  facial expression, haptics, proxemics, chronemics, kinesics, etc.  These codes are controlled by social norms, or social rules and expectations about appropriateness. 

 Today, you are going to experience the interplay of nonverbals and social norms. 



  • Choose a specific nonverbal code from the types listed in our text (don’t use the proxemic example below, choose another code.)
  • Determine what rules/norms exist regarding this code (these are often unwritten).
  • Choose several locations—on campus, at home, at work etc.
  • Break the social norm/rule in these locations/contexts.
  • Observe/reflect on the reactions to this behavior—your own and that of others.
  • Post a thorough response to this assignment detailing your experiences and reflections.
  • Have fun….and be safe!            



An example:  I decide to experiment with the nonverbal code of proxemics or messages that we send based on our use of space and distance.  There is a relationship between how well we know a person and how close we sit, stand, if we touch, etc.  So, I will break this expectation in several locations/situations.  I will enter an elevator and stand super close to someone; I will choose a desk right beside a classmate even when there are other desk choices, etc. 


there is no need for too much info also please use simple english 

i am international student the basic and simple einglish that u use 

the more helpful for my grade in the class. thank you

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