presentation the role of special interest groups related to american culture 1

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For this project, I need both a powerpoint and a speech draft for a 10-mins long presentation.(No limit for number of slides)

This presentation is actually a group presentation for a chapter(Government and Politics in the United States) from our textbook which include 3 subtopics. In addition, this speech is about 30 mins and my part is 10 mins. My subtopic is “The role of Special Interest Groups”.

This speech will be given to a ESL class(most are international students) which means the language in speech draft could be simple and not that professional. Also, this class is based on learning and understanding American cultures. So, please include a part which introduce how this topic is related to understanding American culture.

I have also posted some pictures from my textbook in the ppt below. They are some short readings about my topic and our groups’ big topic.

tip: Once you introduce a typical interest group, just use NRA(national rifle association). Its the most famous one and easy for you to collect information, also it helps me to do peer review in class because everyone are familiar with NRA.

Don’t forget to use reliable sources or statistic data as reference even some visual tools, include a organized structure(hook or brainstorming, intro, main content, conclusion). At the end, please provide 10 simple questions for audiences to discuss(could be very easy).

Looking forward to work with you.

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