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I chose to discuss the religious views of Sigmund Freud. According to LaMothe (2014), Freud believed “religion is a form of infantilism, a neurosis, in which God as an object of worship is like an ‘exalted father’ who watches over his subjects and will compensate them in an afterlife for their sufferings on earth.” In the assigned readying by Molloy (2018), it stated Freud also felt that religious belief was, in a sense, a projection of the parent-child relationship onto situations of uncertainty. LaMothe (2014), continues to explain that Sigmund Freud believed that those that believed in religion were helpless and weak. He believed that religion was used for a sense of security and was for the immature to help ease their anxiety (Molloy, 2018). Freud felt that when they {humans} matured into adults and were able to grasp reality, the need for this ‘illusion’ would disappear.

Freuds’ worldview was rooted in science and believed “we would no longer need religion and its illusions in order to band together against the juggernaut of nature because scientific reasoning and facts can convince people to renounce some of their instinct for the purpose of forming a civilization” (LaMothe, 2014). Freud was even noted to say that religion was a wish-fulfillment. Freud often referred to religious feelings with “oceanic feelings” and feelings of “something limitless and unbound”(Fraser, 2015). He states that he himself cannot feel this but does not deny that others cannot feel it. Freud argued that this feeling is completely subjective and cannot be analyzed.


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