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Considered by many historians as one of the most traumatic episodes of

forced migration in the history of humankind, the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

had a profound effect on both the Americas and Africa. For this question,

your task is three fold. First, briefly describe the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

Secondly, construct a narrative regarding slavery in Brazil by analyzing the

primary evidence in the form of newspaper ads presented by Robert Conrad in

terms of labor, gender, and geographic setting (urban vs. rural), as well as how

city slaves were buried. Also, describe the effects of the slave trade on both

the Americas and Africa from a social and cultural perspective. Finally,

examine the contentious relationship between slavery (both as a brutal

institution of oppression and as an economic system), and how our founding

fathers grappled with slavery in the drafting of the Declaration of

Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

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