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1CI1CIS 36A :: LAB 05 – Arrays and Strings Student Name: Instructions: Make a copy of assignment template. Go to File => Make a copy (or download as a Word file.) Complete definitions and attach Snipping Photos where appropriate Place your name in the Title of each Assignment For Example: CIS 36A- Assignment 1 – Basic Concepts –  Irfan O. Use the book or do online research to find answers.  Write your answers using a different font color. Find your own unique color.  Write answers in your own words. DO NOT COPY & PASTE from anywhere. Submission: When done, go to File -> Download as -> Microsoft Word and then upload the file to Canvas.  Task 1: Definitions & Concepts

Instructions: Briefly answer the questions below. Keywords: To you best knowledge, describe below words:  Array =>   .length=>  .length()  => Show two ways to declare a one-dimensional array of 12 doubles.
=> Show how to initialize a one-dimensional array of integers to the values 1 through 5.  
=>   List two String operations and explain what they do.  
=>  Explain the ? operator and give an example.    Task 2: Understanding Programming

Instructions: Answer each question below. Try to understand and explain the code. Do not put an IDE code screenshot. 

Exercise 6:

Exercise 9:

Exercise 18:

Exercise 24: Task 3: Programming Exercises

Instructions: Use any IDE to write and execute below exercises from the book chapter 3. Attach Snipping photos of your source code and execution of the code in the console. Make sure to create separate files for each exercise.

Chapter Examples: Follow the lectures to do the programs with the instructor. Share the screenshots of at least two from each day. . Day 1:  Day 2:  Day 3:


Chapter Exercises: Do the following chapter exercises. Exercise 3: Average of 10 numbers Exercise 7: SimpleCipher Exercise 13: MinMax Exercise 16: Filling arrays  Exercise 22: Triangular Array Exercise 23: Reversing an Array

Extra Credit:  Exercise 25, 26, 27: S 31CIS 36A :: LAB 05 – Arrays and Strings

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