caring for patients utilizing complementary and alternative therapies 1

Complementary and alternative therapies are often used in combination with traditional medical practices to provide enhanced treatment. This is known as Integrative Medicine. Other times these therapies are used alone in place of traditional medicine. Choose a complementary or alternative therapy that interests you and research how it is used alone or in combination with traditional medicine.

Write a 1-2 page paper (not including title page and reference page) that describes following:

  1. Describe the complementary/alternative therapy and how it is used in practice.
  2. Discuss your personal and professional opinion about this therapy and how it will influence your care for a client using this therapy.

You should include a minimum of 3 references. Include a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page in APA format.

We have talked quite a lot about comparative advantage and the benefits of free trade in this class.

We have talked quite a lot about comparative advantage and the benefits of free trade in this class. By focusing on producing what you produce at a lower opportunity cost in comparison to others and trading for things where you have a higher opportunity cost of producing, you can have access to more goods and services than if you tried to produce them all yourself. Another way to think about it is that by putting resources into their best use (produce what you produce relatively well and let others produce what they produce relatively well), more goods and services are obtained from a given amount of resources.

The idea of comparative advantage could also be used to analyze the immigration debate. Immigration has the potential to free native citizens to focus on their comparative advantage, much like hiring additional workers in a firm allows each individual to focus on their own comparative advantage. For example, even though the CEO may type faster that her secretary, she knows that it benefits the company to hire a secretary rather than doing her own typing (the opportunity cost of typing is high for the CEO in comparison to the secretary – the secretary has a comparative advantage in typing).

Recently, there has been heated debate over the issue of immigration. How should U.S. policy toward immigration change – if at all?

need help calculus 2 homework online

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Rushdie, Salman. ?Abortion in India?. Essays. 2nd Edition. Kelly, Joseph. New York; Norton, 2008….

Rushdie, Salman. “Abortion in India”. Essays. 2nd Edition. Kelly, Joseph. New York; Norton, 2008. 279-282. Print. The articles topic is about the tragedy of abortion of female fetuses in modern day India. I believe the author is trying to say that unnecessary abortions are a type of genocide and a true tragedy. Proving points on both sides saysing that having female abortions could actually be beneficial in that it would decrease overpopulation. He then argued against this belief by stating that in one generation’s time there would be a girl shortage which could cause many problems, including increasing the sexism of Indian society and denying India of all of the wonderful things that women have to offer. The most interesting part of this essay was where Rushdie states that, “…Fundamentally it’s the result of modern technology being placed at the service of medieval social attitudes”.

I found this to be a very insightful line and thought it summed up the problem in an interesting and thoughtful way. Although Rushdie is pro-choice, it does not mean he supports women having an abortion simply beacuse they dont want to have a daughter. What should be done when a women uses her power over her own body to discriminate againt female fetuses? Although he respects a womans right to chose, he also strongly believes that this practice is both immoral and unethical. I did not find any sections of this essay to be confusing or problematic.

1)Voluable- Speaking or spoken incessantly and fluently 2)Flamboyant- Tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness. 3)Myraid- A countless or extremely great number 4)Anathematized- To proclaim an anathema on: curse

final financial accounting and analysis

You should begin working on elements of the Final Project in Week One. Each week, there is a recommended learning activity associated with helping you complete the Final Project. There are ungraded and graded practice exercises, which will allow you to practice applying accounting skills learned in class to different scenarios. Work through the problems, starting with Chapter 1, following the instructions in the textbook and Excel template.

Download and open the Excel file BUS591 Final Project Template. Review the instructions presented on the Instructions Tab in the Workbook and the weekly recommended learning activity. If you complete each part as recommended, you will have the complete Final Project finished by Week Six. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are ungraded practice problems, while Chapters 4 and 13 are graded problems. Take your time and complete all requirements. Also, if you complete the practice problems from Chapter 3, completing the graded portion from Chapter 4 will be much easier.

Do not work ahead unless you read the corresponding chapters. For example, read Chapters 3 and 4 before completing the Continuing Cookie Chronicle problems from those chapters.

MUST BE NEW WORK IN APA FORMAT AND ALL POINTS MUST BE COVERED. Prepare a 1,000 word paper in which y



Prepare a 1,000 word paper in which you discuss the causes of psychopathology.

Address the following:Provide a brief overview of how culture is a factor in determining the expression of psychopathology.Examine the causes of psychopathology using one of the psychological perspectives in the text.Explain the changes in society's perception of psychopathology as a function of a historical period.

Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Posted: 4 years agoDue: 15/02/2016Budget: $5

Case#2 Unilever Pakistan sells one product for which data is givenbelow: Particulars Rs Selling pric


Unilever Pakistan sells one product for which data is givenbelow:

Particulars Rs

Selling price per unit 10

variable cost per unit 6

Fixedcost per unit 2

Thefixed costs are based on a budgeted level of activity of 5,000units for the period.

Readthe above case study carefully and write down the correctoption

number (e-g A, B, C, D) in the given Excelfile

6.What is Unilever breakeven point in Rs of salesrevenue?

A.Rs.25, 00




7.What is Unilever breakeven point in units of salesrevenue?

A.25,000 units

B.25,00 units

C.50,000 units

D.5,000 units

8.How many units must be sold if unilever wish to earn a profit ofRs.6,000 for the period?

A.2,000 units

B.4,000 units

C.6,000 units

D.8,000 units

9.What is unilever margin of safety for the budget period if fixedcosts prove to be 20% higher






10.If the selling price and variable cost increase by 20% and 12%respectively by how much

mustsales volume change compared with the original budgeted level inorder to achieve the

original budgeted profit for the period?

A.24.0% increase

B.24.2% decrease

C.37.9% decrease

D.37.9% increase

media and technology essay

Topic: Is technology making us more or less productive?

The essay should be at least 4-5 pages long. (work cited not included). Also, at least 5 sources are required as well.

write about volunteering

i need to write half a page about volunteering in elementary school. our group went to volunteer in the elementary school for our project some of us was volunteering after school and we are supposed to help the student in their homework and watch the student and make sure that they are alright. and some of us was volunteering as a teachers assistant they help the teacher to correct the test and homework also they make sure to help the student if they any questions in their homework.

here what i need u to do: write a half page and write about our group volunteering in elementary school and how this will help us in our future job as health care administrations and any other health major.

the reason that i want u to write a half page because we will print it as a small paper we will put candies beside the paper and we will give it to the student at the class on the pressnation date

play critique 1

  • Each critique must be at minimum of four paragraphs single-spaced.
  • Font- Times Roman Numeral or Calibri 11
  • Play title is italicized throughout the critique.
  • Do not describe the play’s plot, though you will need to use some descriptions of plot, theme, character, etc.
  • You will need the play program to use specific names of actors, characters, directors, designers, etc

You must answer three questions

1-What is being attempted?

2- was the attempt successful?

3-What component of theatre was responsible for the success?

I have included a photo that lists the name of the actors and an idea about what was the play about.

The character Kurdavva an old lady who made the play funny with her comedy with her son.

Man – the first character started the play in a confusing way however it then was explained very well

Rani – was married to a man who treated her badly and would leave her in the house all by her self all the time. Her husband only comes back during lunch time to eat and then leave again. At one night a Cobra that can shape shift, came to Rani looking like here husband and they spent the nights together. However, she didn’t know that it was a Cobra and then she was pregnant with the Cobra’s baby. People thought that it was a miracle and her husband started to treat her better after the incident.

please focus on answering the 3 questions and state an opinion about the play.

It is not a movie/film. It is a play that I attended.