BUIS.200C0A Introduction to Business Systems Exam 3

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Question 1



During the ____ phase of the SDLC, a preliminary analysis of requirements is conducted.





 d.requirements gathering and analysis

2 points   

Question 2



The ____ approach incorporates varying viewpoints from different functional areas of an organization to help ensure that collected requirements for the application aren’t too narrow and one-dimensional in focus





 d.Four Ws

2 points   

Question 3



Integrating ____ into the SDLC process is a good idea to ensure the system’s success.


 a.intangible benefits

 b.feasibility checkpoints

 c.operating costs


2 points   

Question 4



Are there any political repercussions of using the system? is a question that should be considered when assessing ____ feasibility.






2 points   

Question 5



____ users include customers, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners.


 a.Task force




2 points   

Question 6



A ____ helps break down a complex process into simpler, more manageable, and more understandable subprocesses.


 a.conceptual use model


 c.data flow diagram

 d.context diagram

2 points   

Question 7



During the design phase, the ____ design involves selecting a specific platform such as Dell servers running Ubuntu Linux.






2 points   

Question 8



A ____ prototype is used to determine a system’s technical feasibility.






2 points   

Question 9



In ____ conversion, the old and new systems run simultaneously for a short time to ensure that the new system works correctly.






2 points   

Question 10



____ divides a project into smaller functions, and developers can’t go on to the next phase until the current phase is finished.






2 points   

Question 11



The ____ approach to implementation can save the cost of hiring additional staff and meet the demands for more timely development of information systems projects.






2 points   

Question 12



A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources.




 c.Web portal


2 points   

Question 13



In service organizations, the links in the supply chain include ____.




 c.service providers


2 points   

Question 14



Order transmissions are part of the ____ flow in the SCM.






2 points   

Question 15



____ enables business partners to send and receive information on business transactions.




 c.Supply chain


2 points   

Question 16



____ invite sellers to submit bids for products and services.


 a.Maintenance, repair, and operations services



 d.Reverse auctions

2 points   

Question 17



Transaction data for a CRM system might be gathered using ____.


 a.a business plan

 b.grocery store loyalty cards

 c.a RFID chip

 d.inventory numbers

2 points   

Question 18



The main goal of a(n) ____ system is to improve services offered to customers and use customer contact information for targeted marketing.






2 points   

Question 19



Amazon.com, suggests products you might enjoy, based on your past browsing and purchasing habits; this is an example of ____.




 c.customer relationship management

 d.supply chain management

2 points   

Question 20



____ searches for specific information or patterns, using input from multiple business partners and data sources.



 b.Knowledge management


 d.Collaborative filtering

2 points   

Question 21



____ is a technique used to improve CRM systems (and many other systems) by identifying, storing, and disseminating “know-how”—facts about how to perform tasks.



 b.Collaborative filtering

 c.Knowledge management


2 points   

Question 22



The ____ component of a ERP system collects and analyzes relevant internal and external data and information.


 a.supply chain


 c.unified database


2 points   

Question 23



Research and development is an examples of a(n) ____ task.






2 points   

Question 24



The decision maker defines associations between alternatives and criteria during the ____ phase of the decision-making process.






2 points   

Question 25



Peter G. Keen, a former MIT professor, conducted an interesting study on how organizations use DSSs and concluded that the decision to build a DSS seems to be based on ____.




 c.executive buy-in

 d.tangible benefits

2 points   

Question 26



The ____ component of a DSS is what users make use of to access the DSS.



 b.user interface

 c.DSS engine

 d.model base

2 points   

Question 27



The ____ is responsible for specifying data requirements, what models are needed, and how these models might be used.


 a.technical designer

 b.model builder

 c.end users

 d.managerial designer

2 points   

Question 28



A(n) ____ must provide access to both internal and external data.






2 points   

Question 29



Microsoft SharePoint provides a ____.



 b.digital dashboard

 c.model base

 d.waypoint system

2 points   

Question 30



A GIS includes ____, which might show the location of an airport.






2 points   

Question 31



City and county administrators rely on ____ for dispatching personnel and equipment to crime and fire locations and for maintaining crime statistics.






2 points   

Question 32



When implementing a management support system, ____ to ensure that key decision makers are involved in designing the MSS.


 a.keep the lines of communication open

 b.hide complexity

 c.keep the look and feel consistent

 d.define objectives and benefits clearly

2 points   

Question 33



Network administrators use ____ technology to have antivirus updates downloaded on employees’ workstations automatically.






2 points   

Question 34



With the ____ model, users don’t need to be concerned with new software versions and compatibility problems because the ASP offers the most recent version of the software.






2 points   

Question 35



When using a(n) ____, IS personnel time is freed up to focus on applications, such as customer relationship management and financial information systems, that are more important strategically to the organization.






2 points   

Question 36



____ uses computer-generated, three-dimensional images to create the illusion of interaction in a real-world environment.




 c.VR technology


2 points   

Question 37



In grid computing, each participant in a grid is referred to as a “____.”






2 points   

Question 38



____ technology uses special hardware and software to give users the feeling of being part of an environment.






2 points   

Question 39



____ technology gives users the sense that they’re in another location, even one geographically far away, and can manipulate objects as though they’re actually in that location.






2 points   

Question 40



____ components of a VR system enable users to see and hear the virtual world.



 b.Visual and aural

 c.Manual navigation control

 d.Central coordinating processor and software system

2 points   

Question 41



Some engineering companies use _____ to improve product design and development.






2 points   

Question 42



Users interact via avatars in a(n) ____.


 a.telepresence system

 b.cloud computing environment

 c.virtual world

 d.RFID system

2 points   

Question 43



____ computing is a platform incorporating many recent technologies under one platform.






2 points   

Question 44



____ have been added to sports gear, such as tennis and golf balls and tennis rackets, to make them more durable and improve their responsiveness.


 a.Data gloves



 d.RFID tags

2 points   

Question 45



A primary key field is used to ensure that each record is






2 points   

Question 46



________ is an expression that precisely defines the range of data that will be accepted in a field.


 a.Validation rule

 b.Validation text

 c.Range expression


2 points   

Question 47



A(n) _________ is a field property that determines the data that can be entered, how

the data displays, and how the data is stored.



 b.default value

 c.field size

 d.input mask

2 points   

Question 48



A relational database avoids  ______ data, helps to reduce errors, and saves space.






2 points   

Question 49



The default data type in Design View for any new field is ________.


 a.lookup wizard




2 points   

Question 50



A(n) ________ is a special list created in Access to speed up searches and sorting.







Blue Lake Sports


Guided Project 7-2

In this project, you complete the purchase order for Blue Lake Sports by adding a data validation list and check box form controls. You protect the sheet and the workbook, save it as a template, and share it for testing.


File Needed: BlueLakeSports-07.xlsx (Student data files are available in the Library of your SIMnet account)

Completed Project File Names: [your initials] Excel 7-2Template.xltx, [your initials] Excel 7-2User1.xlsx, [your initials] Excel 7-2User2.xlsx, and [your initials] Excel 7-2Merged.xlsx

Skills Covered in this Project Set data validation to use a list. Use an error alert for data validation. Insert a check box form control. Unlock worksheet cells and protect a worksheet. Save a workbook as a template. Create a new workbook from a template. Share a workbook and track changes. Accept or reject changes. Open the BlueLakeSports-07 workbook from your student data files. Save the workbook as a template. Click the Save As button [File tab] and choose This PC. Click the More Options link. Type the file name [your initials] Excel 7-2Template in the File name box. Verify that the Save Thumbnail box is selected or select it. Choose Excel Template from the Save as type drop-down box. Click Save. Set data validation with an error alert to use a list. Click the Purchase Order sheet tab, select B17, and click the Data Validation button [Data tab, Data Tools group]. Click the Allow arrow and choose List on the Settings tab. Click the Source entry box. Click the Departments worksheet tab and select cells A2:A14. Click the Error Alert tab. Verify that the Show error alert after invalid data is entered box is selected. Use Stop for the Style to prohibit an invalid entry. Click the Title box and type Wait!. Click the Error message box and type Please choose from the list. Click OK. Display the Developer tab and the Compare and Merge Workbooks button. Select the Options command [File tab] and click Customize Ribbon in the left pane. Select the Developer box in the Main Tabs group. Click Quick Access Toolbar in the left pane. Choose All Commands from the Choose commands from list. Click Compare and Merge Workbooks in the commands list. Click Add and click OK. Insert a check box form control. Click the View tab and check the Gridlines box in the Show group to draw and position controls with gridlines visible. Click the Insert Controls button [Developer tab, Controls group] and click the Check Box (Form Control) button. Draw a control directly over cell B15. page E7-476Click the Properties button [Developer tab, Controls group]. Verify that the Unchecked radio button is selected on the Control tab. Select the 3-D shading box. Click the Protection tab and deselect the Locked box. Click OK. Click two times near the word “Check” with the control to place an insertion point. Delete Check Box 1, press Spacebar, and type Yes Click cell E15 to deselect the control. If you accidentally placed a check mark within the control, point and click to remove it. Copy a check box form control. Point to the check box control label Yes and right-click. Choose Copy from the menu and then press Ctrl+V to paste the control. Point to any border of the copied control to display a move pointer. Drag the copy to cell C15. Press Ctrl and right-click while pointing to the first check box control to select both controls (Figure 7-65).7-65 Two controls selected Click the Align button [Drawing Tools Format tab, Arrange group] and choose Align Middle. Select cell E15 to deselect both controls. Right-click the copied control and choose Edit Text to place an insertion point. Delete Yes and type No (Figure 7-66).7-66 Controls are aligned Select cell E15. Remove check marks that were accidentally entered. Protect the worksheet and the workbook structure. Select D7. Press Ctrl and select cell D9, cells B11:D13, cell B17, and cells A20:D28. Click the Format button [Home tab, Cells group]. Select Lock Cell to remove the Locked property. Click cell D7. Click the Protect Sheet button [Review tab, Changes group]. Allow the options to select locked and unlocked cells. Do not use a password. Click OK. Click the Protect Workbook button [Review tab, Changes group]. Do not use a password and click OK. Save and close the template. Create a workbook from a template. Click the New button [File tab] and click PERSONAL near the top of the gallery. Click [your initials] Excel 7-2Template to create a workbook. Type BLS00120 in cell D7 and press Tab. page E7-477Type =to in cell D9, press Tab to select TODAY, and press Enter. Type the following in cells B11:B13: Outdoor Apparel, Inc 4232 South Water Street Omaha, NE 68107 Select the check box control for Yes. Select cell B17, click the data validation arrow, and choose Apparel. Save the workbook as an Excel workbook named [your initials] Excel 7-2User1 in your usual location for saving files. Inspect the workbook. Click the File tab. You cannot inspect a worksheet that is protected. Click Unprotect in the Protect Workbook area  Click the Check for Issues button and choose Inspect Document. Choose Yes to save the document before inspection. Click Inspect in the Document Inspector dialog box. Click Remove All to remove all personal information and document properties. Click Close. Check compatibility. Click the Protect Workbook button [Review group, Changes group]. In order to generate a compatibility report, the Protect Workbook property must be disabled. Click the Check for Issues button [File tab, Info group] and choose Check Compatibility. Click Copy to New Sheet. Click the Purchase Order sheet tab. Share the workbook. Click the File tab. Click Allow this information to be saved in your file in the Inspect Workbook group. This property was activated when you removed metadata; it prohibits sharing the workbook. Return to the Purchase Order sheet and click the Share Workbook button [Review tab, Changes category]. Select the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time box. Click the Advanced tab and set the Keep change history for option to 15 days. Click OK to close the Share Workbook dialog box. Click OK to resave the shared workbook. Make a copy of the shared workbook in the same folder. Click the File tab and choose Save As. Select This PC and click the More Options link. Navigate to and choose your folder and save the workbook as [your initials] Excel 7-2User2. page E7-478Type the following in cells A20:D20: Ladies Parka LP10Blue 4 87 Save and close the workbook. Open [your initials] Excel 7-2User1 and select cell A21. In cells A21:D21, type the following: Men’s Parka MP16Black 4 98 Save the workbook and leave it open. Merge copies of the shared workbook. Click the Compare and Merge Workbooks button. (Save the file if prompted.) Navigate to the folder with [your initials] Excel 7-2User2 in the Select Files to Merge Into Current Workbook dialog box. Select [your initials] Excel 7-2User2 and click OK. Accept or reject changes. Click the Track Changes button [Review tab, Changes group] and choose Accept/Reject Changes. Verify that Not yet reviewed displays as the When option. Click OK. The first edit is cell A21. Click Accept to locate the next edit. Click Accept All and then press Ctrl+Home. Save the workbook as [your initials] Excel 7-2Merged in your folder and close it 

  Move the template from the default folder. Click the File tab, select Open, and click Browse. Expand the Quick access list in the left pane and select Documents. Double-click Custom Office Templates. Right-click [your initials] Excel 7-2Template and choose Cut. In the left pane, navigate to and select the folder for saving files. Right-click an unused area of the dialog box and choose Paste. Click Cancel to close the dialog box. Remove the Compare and Merge Workbooks button and the Developer tab. Select the Options command [File tab] and click Quick Access Toolbar in the left pane. Click Compare and Merge Workbooks in the list on the right. Click Remove. Click Customize Ribbon in the left pane. Deselect the Developer box in the Main Tabs group and click OK.

3. You want to write a Python program to compute the average of three integer quiz grades for a single student. Decide what variables your program needs, and create them with appropriate initial values. 4. Write Python statements to prompt for an collect

3. You want to write a Python program to compute the average of three integer quiz grades for a single student. Decide what variables your program needs, and create them with appropriate initial values. 4. Write Python statements to prompt for an collect values for the time in hours and minutes (two integer quantities). 5. The variables age and weight currently have the values 32 and 187, respectively. Write the exact output generated by the following statement: print(“Your age is” + str(age) +”and your weight is” +str(weight)) 6. What is the output after the following sequence of statements is executed? a = 12 b = 20 b = b + 1 a = a + b print(2*a) 7. Given the statement: myList = [“eeny”, “meeny”, “miny”, “moe”] what Python statement would output “miny”

CPS basic question

    There are two works inside both pof them are really easy cps question. And there are guide in PDF book. What I want you to do is following with the guide and finish all of the problems (Don’t skip any steps, it will makes me lose point.) There are 3 big steps in each of them. Just follow with PDF hand on questions and all will be fine.

Cyber Physical systems, IOT


1. Review topics of interest in chapter 2(II Design of Embedded Systems) and 3(Analysis and Verification) in textbook (CPS pdf on syllabus). In a table, for each chapter list 3 topics (column 1) and related page numbers (column 2) that interest your career.  For each describe the topic (column 3) and why relevant in a few sentences ((column 4) .

2. Research Google Scholar on IOT applications in medical informatics/apps that are recent (dated 2019), such as CDSS apps on smartphones sending big data to the cloud for further processing. Make a table of 3 domain sources and 3 system sources. For each list the source ref/link, include abstract, and why you think relevant in a few sentences.

Note: (Domain sources include any research that provides insight on the application area of your project. System resources include any research that provides insight on the application design of your project.)

Assignment 3

This chapter’s opening scenario illustrates a specific type of incident/disaster. Using a Web browser, search for information related to preparing an organization against terrorist attacks. Look up information on (a) anthrax or another biological attack (like smallpox), (b) sarin or another toxic gas, (c) low-level radiological contamination attacks.
2. Using a Web browser, search for available commercial applications that use various forms of RAID technologies, such as RAID 0 through RAID 5. What is the most common implementation? What is the most expensive?


The vast majority of the population associates Blockchain with cryptocurrency Bitcoin; however, there are many other uses of blockchain; such as Litecoin, Ether, and other currencies. In this discussion, please describe at least two cryptocurrencies with applicable examples. Discuss some similarities and differences. Lastly, discuss if you have any experience using any cryptocurrencies.

Please make your initial post and two response posts substantive. A substantive post will do at least TWO of the following:

Ask an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic

Answer a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor

Provide extensive additional information on the topic

Explain, define, or analyze the topic in detail

Share an applicable personal experience

Provide an outside source (for example, an article from the UC Library) that applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic or the source (please cite properly in APA)

Make an argument concerning the topic.

At least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.



1. Consider the following downtimes (in minutes) in the painting department of a manufacturing plant. 


37.2 10.9 69.8 2.7 73.7 14.6 14.8 29.1 10.1 45.4 99.5 16.0 30.2 41.3 61.0 2.6 26.1 20.1 71.2 7.7 

3.9 1.6 17.3 30.8 24.3 61.0 24.7 15.4 26.1 

6.9 7.4 71.2 54.7 9.7 99.5 4.5 20.8 30.2 21.2 31.3 2.6 70.4 7.5 20.1 6.9 32.6 7.4 39.0 43.3 9.7 


a. Use the chi-square test to see if the exponential distribution is a good fit to this sample data at the significance level a 1⁄4 0:05. 

b. Using Arena’s Input Analyzer, find the best fit to the data. For what range of significance levels a can the fit be accepted? (Hint: revisit the concept of p-value in Section 3.11.) 

2. Consider the following data for the monthly number of stoppages (due to failures or any other reason) in the assembly line of an automotive assembly plant. 

12 14 26 13 19 15 18 17 14 10 11 11 14 18 13 

9 20 19 9 12 17 20 25 18 12 16 20 20 14 11 

Apply the chi-square test to the sample data of stoppages to test the hypothesis that the underlying distribution is Poisson at significance level a 1⁄4 0:05. 

3. Let {xi} be a data set of observations (sample).  Show that for the distribution Unif(a, b), the maximal likelihood estimates of
the parameters a and b are ^a 1⁄4 minfxig and ^b 1⁄4 maxfxig.
  What would be the estimates of a and b obtained using the method of
  Demonstrate the difference between the two sets of estimates for a and b using
a data set of 500 observations from a uniform distribution generated by the Arena Input Analyzer.


Input Analysis 139 

4. The Revised New Brunswick Savings bank has three tellers serving customers in their Highland Park branch. Customers queue up FIFO in a single combined queue for all three tellers. The following data represent observed iid interarrival times (in minutes). 


2.3 4.7 1.8 4.9 2.7 1.0 0.1 0.7 5.5 6.6 3.0 2.0 1.8 4.1 0.1 1.7 4.7 4.7 2.5 0.7 

0.2 2.1 1.6 1.0 1.6 1.0 1.9 0.5 0.5 3.0 3.6 0.6 1.1 0.3 1.4 2.8 1.4 2.1 0.2 4.7 0.5 1.3 0.5 2.2 0.5 2.6 2.9 0.3 0.1 1.2 


The service times are iid exponentially distributed with a mean of 5 minutes.  Fit an exponential distribution to the interarrival time data in the previous table. Then, construct an Arena model for the teller queue at the bank. Run the model for an 8-hour day and estimate the expected customer delay in the
teller’s queue.
  Fit a uniform distribution to the interarrival time data above. Repeat the
simulation run with the new interarrival time distribution.
  Discuss the differences between the results of the scenarios of 4.a and 4.b. What do you think is the reason for the difference between the corresponding
mean delay estimates?
  Rerun the scenario of 4.a with uniformly distributed service times, and com-
pare to the results of 4.a and 4.b. Use MLE to obtain the parameters of the
service time distribution.
  Try to deduce general rules from the results of 4.a, 4.b, and 4.d on how
variability in the arrival process or the service process affects queue performance measures.

To get a “big sale” it is always a team effort. Who/why is needed to help build up the necessary components for the big deal?

To get a “big sale” it is always a team effort.  Who/why is needed to help build up the necessary components for the big deal?

This is hypotheticallhypothetically for a software 

Journal Article-5 BE

  Pick one of the following terms for your research: 

Moral philosophy, justice, white-collar crime, differential association, or power. 

Instructions Must be careful on this part. 1. The Reference used should be 3 years old or less. This is stated in the Syllabus and was on my email from last week. This Reference MUST be from a peer-reviewed academic journal.  2. Remember that there are 4 parts to this assignment. 1. Definition section, 2. Summary section – minimum of 150 words, 3. Discussion – minimum of 300 words, and 4 Reference section. 3. You need to use proper APA format including in-text citations. You can find good information on proper APA format at apastyle.org or owl.purdue.edu